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Geoffrey Parker

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Subtitle: War, Climate Change & Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century, Yale Univ. Press, New Haven, 2013, 871 pgs., index, notes, graphs, chronology, map


Reviewer comment:
This is a massive and detailed study based on a huge biblography and extensive research by Dr. Parker's associates and friends. It is unusual for histories of early modern times to be world-wide in scope.




Part I: The Placenta of the Crisis
Chapter 1 The Little Ice Age


Chapter 2 The General Crisis


Chapter 3 - "Hunger is the greatest enemy' - The Heart of the Crisis


Chapter 4 - "A third of the world has died' - Surviving in the Seventeenth Century


Part II: Enduring the Crisis
Chapter 5 - The "Great Enterprise' in China, 1618 - 84


Capter 6 - "The great Shaking': Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1618-86


Chapter 7 - The 'Ottoman tragedy', 1618-83


Chapter 8 - "The Lamentations of Germany' and its Neighbors, 1618-88


Chapter 9 - The Agony of the Iberian Peninsula, 1618 - 42


Chapter 10 - France in Crisis, 1618-88


Chapter 11 - The Stuart Monarchy: The Path to Civil War, 1603-42


Chapter 12 - Britain and Ireland from Civil War to Revolution, 1642-89


Part III Surviving the Crisis
Chapter 13 - The Mugals and their Neighbors


Chapter 14 - Red Flag over Italy


Chapter 15 - The 'dark continents': The Americas, Africa and Australia


Chapter 16 - Getting it Right: Early Tokugawa Japan


Part IV: Confronting the Crisis
Chapter 17 - "Those who have no means of support': The Paramenters of Popular Resistance


Chapter 18 - 'People who hop[e only for a change': Aristocrats, Intellectuals, Clerics and 'dirty people of no name'


Chapter 19 - "People of hetrodox beliefs': who will join up with anyone who calls them; Disseminating Revolution


Part V: Beyond the Crisis
Chapter 20 - Escaping the Crisis


Chapter 21 - From Warfare State to Welfare State


Chapter 22 - The Great Divergence


Conclusion: The Crisis Anatomized


Epilogue: "it's the climate, stupid'


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