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Stephen Possony & J.E. Pournelle

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Subtitle: Winning the Decisive War, Dunellen, 1970, 189 pgs.


Reviewer comments

In this book pubished in 1970 Dr. Possony applies his concepts about war, technology and strategy to the critical issues which were revolutinary at that time - nuclear war, inernational balistic missle threats and the like. The specifics of the revolutionary technologies that are pervasive now are different, but many of the fundamental concepts remain valid.




Chapter 1 - The Technological War


Chapter 2 - The Present Conduct of the Technological War


Chapter 3 - The Nature of the Technological Process


Chapter 4 - Strategic Analysis


Chapter 5 - Surprise in Modern War


Chapter 6 - Assured Survival


Chapter 7 - The Nuclear Technology Race


Chapter 8 - Small Wars


Chapter 9 - The Prevention of War


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