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Murray N.Rothbard


Important books, 2017, 168 pgs., end notes include bibliography, charts, no TOC


Reviewer comments - This is a reprint of an earlier edition or set of essays of unknown date. But from the context of some statemetns aned th3e data shown in the charts it appears that the book was written during the Reagan administration - the early 1980's. Much has changed since then. For instance, The author cites the 1981 amount for FED assets at $176.85 billion and lists the composition of the reserve. Obviously today the reality is vastly different. Bye book is an effort to prove the necessity to establish a 'gold standard' for money and eliminate 'fractional banking'.


Chapter I - Money: It's Importance and Origins


Chapter II - What Determines Prices: Supply and Demand


Chapter III - Money and Overall Prices


Chapter IV - The Supply of Money


Chapter V - The Demand for Money


Chapter VI - Loan Banking


Chapter VII - Deposit Banking


Chapter VIII - Free Banking and the Limits on Bank Credit Inflation


Chapter IX - Central Banking: Removing the Limits


Chapter X - Central Banking: Determining Total Reserves


Chapter XI - Central Banking: The Process of Bank Credit Expansion


Chapter XII - The Origins of Central Banking


Chapter XIII - Central Banking in the United States I: The Origins


Chapter XIV - Centrqal Banking in the United States II: The 1820's to the Civil War


Chapter XV - Central Banking in the United States III: The National Banking System


Chapter XVI - Central Banking in the United StatesIV: The Federal Reserve System


Chapter XVII - Conclusion: The Present Banking Situation and What To Do About It


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