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George Selgin


Cato Institute, Wash., D. C., 2017, 379 pgs., index, notes, references, tables, figures, with several chapters contributed by Lawrence White, and William Lastrapes


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Chapter 1 - A Fiscal Theory of Government's Role in Money


Chapter 2 - Central Banks and Sources of Financial Instability


Chapter 3 - Legal Restrictions, Financial Weakening, and the Lender of Last Resort


Chapter 4 - The Suppression of State Bank Notes: A Reconsideration


Chapter 5 - Monetary Reorm and the Redemption of National Bank Notes, 1863 - 1913


Chapter 6 - New York's Bank: The National Monetary Commission and the Founding of the Fed.


Chapter 7 - The Rise and Fall of the Gold Standard in the United States


Chapter 8 - Has the Fed Been a Failure?


Chapter 9 - Operation Twist-the- Truth: How the Federal Reserve Misrepresents its History and Performance


Chapter 10 - Liberty Street: Bagehotian Prescriptions for a 21st-Century Money Market


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