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Pitirim A. Sorokin


Subtitle:Who Shall Guard the Guardians? Porter Sargent Pub., Boston, 1959, 202pgs., index, end notes


Reviewer comments: Writing in 1959 the author is overwhelmed with the prospect of nuclear war, which he deems entirely possible, even likely, due to the fundamental nature of governments and rulers. The world was spared this catostrophy (so far) but his basic view of rulers remains valid.


Preface and Introduction


Chapter 1 - Ideologies of Ruling Group Morality: Three Views


Chapter 2 - Morality and Mentality of Rulers


Chapter 3 - Criminality and Morality of Heads of State


Chapter 4 - Other Power Elements Within the State


Chapter 5 - Noble Declarations and Ignoble Policies of Today's Rulers


Chapter 6 -Who Should Guard theGuardians?


Chapter 7 - Preventing a New World War


Chapter 8 -Three Basic Trends of Our Time


Chapter 9 -Decline of Sensate Values, Institutions, and Ideologies


Chapter 10 -Emergence of A New Order


Chapter 11-Towards Government of Scientists, Sages, and Saints


Chapter 12 - From Sensate Government to Integral Leadership

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