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Clifford Rogers, Ty Seidule, Samuel Watson


Created by Rowan Technology Solutions, published by Simon and Schuster, N.Y., 2014, 432 pages, index, notes, maps, illustrations, large format - with a list of authors, cartographers, computer experts too long to list. The above three gentlemen are the main editors.


Reviewer Comment - This a stunning achievement of modern multi-media publication industry. It is designed to be one of the military history texts at the U. S. Military Academy. The printed book can be accompanied by on-line computer material.


Introduction - Ty Seidule


Chapter 1 - Origins of the Civil War and the Contest for the Borderlands - Mark E. Neely Jr.,


Chapter 2 - The War in the East, July 1861-September 1862 - Joseph T. Glatthaar


Chapter 3 - Lee's War in the East - Joseph T. Glatthaar


Chapter 4 - Grant's War in the West - Steven E. Woodworth


Chapter 5 - Coordinated Strategy and hard Work - Earl J. Hess


Chapter 6 - The End of the Civil War and Reconstruction - James K. Hogue


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