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Addison Wiggin

Subtitle: and why it's even better for your investments, Wiley, NY., 2005, 197 pgs., index, end notes, tables, paperback


Reviewer comment -
A case study in how an author can be so right about the past and present economic situation and yet so wrong when making predictions about even the near future. The book was published in 2005. The author described the recent financial history and did predict trouble. But then totally missed the collapse of both crude oil and gold prices. His recommendations in the last chapter about what investments to purchase were very wrong.




Introduction - Fall of the Great Dollar Standard


Chapter 1 - The "Recovery" That Wasn't


Chapter 2 - Fictitious Capitalism and the iPod Economy


Chapter 3 - Pathological Consumption


Chapter 4 - Short Unhappy Episodes in Monetary History


Chapter 5 - The Helicopter Theory, Inflation, and the Money in Your Wallet


Chapter 6 - Attention to Deficits Disorder


Chapter 7 - Alas, the Demise of the Dollar


Chapter 8 -Crisis and Opportunity in the Twilight of the Great Dollar Standard Era


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