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Quincy Wright


Second Edition, abridged by Louise Leonard Wright, Midway Reprint, Univ. of Chicago Press, 1964 reprint 1983, 451 pgs., index, paperback


Reviewer's Comment - The original two volume edition was published by the Univ of Chicago in 1942. It resulted from an extensive research program initiated there in 1926 to study the causes of war. The original edition conains the footnotes and details of the research. The project was seen as a contribution to the 'peace making' effort after the trauma of World War One, such as at Locarno. The table of contents describes the subject matter.
Note the chapter headings on 'War' and 'Warfare'. War is described as a condition - an event either brief or long. It is undertaken with objectives. While Warfare is described as the conduct of operations performed during a war to achieve the objectives of the 'war'. As the reader can see from the content of chapters on 'war' it is a much different in scope than 'warfare'.


Part One - The Phenomenon of War


Chapter I - Concepts of War


Chapter II - The History of War


Chapter III - Modern Warfare


Chapter IV - Chances in War Through History


Part Two - Conditions Making for War


Chapter V - Causation and War


Chapter VI - The Balance of Power


Chapter VII - Policies and Power


Chapter VIII - Constitutions and Politics


Chapter IX - Law and Violence


Chapter X - Sovereignty and War


Chapter XI - Law and Politics


Chapter XII - Naionalism and War


Chapter XIII - The Family of Nations


Chapter XIV - Social Integration and War


Chapter XV - Public Opinion and War


Chapter XVI - Population Changes and War


Chapter XVII - The Uitlisation of Resources and War


Chapter XVIII - Human Nature and War


Part III - The Prediction of War


Chapter XIX - Analysis of International Relations


Chapter XX - The Probability of War


Chapter XXI - Causes of War


Chapter XXII - Conditions of Peace


Part IV - Control of War


Chapter XXIII - Synthesis and Practice


Chapter XXIV - The Prevention of War


Chapter XXV - The Organization of Peace


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