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Here we have the white and color standards of all three Life Guard Regiments of the new model of 1800 issued by Emperor Paul These flags were then carried through the wars to 1813. They were issued with one white per regiment and one colored per company. The white standard has the four large areas of Maltese cross whiteand the four corners are split between white and crimson. The monogram is two "P' interlaced above the "P" is the crown of the Grand Master of Malta and above it the imperial crown. The central circle is orange with black double headed eagle. The wreath is gold as is the crown. The color standard has alternating rays of white and crimson starting at upper right corner white. The center is similar. The motto on the obverse was God with us and on the reverse Thanks be to God. The flag stave of Preobrazhenski was brown for the white flag and pale yellow for the colored. The Semyenovski had all black staves. The Ismailovski had all white staves.


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