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Micha Jelisavcic
John Sloan

This is the 'cover page' for an expanding web site devoted to presentation of the Imperial Russia army, especially the uniforms and army organization. It features extensive illustrations. Articles on other aspects of Russian military history such as individual campaigns and battles are in the section on Russian history.
The contents initially will be divided into sections on the uniforms and organization of the armies of
Peter I,
Army of 17th century - being prepared
Army of mid 18th century - being prepared
Army of Catherine II - being prepared
Alexander I,
Nicholas I being prepaired
Alexander II and III, being prepaired
Nicholas II: being prepaired
These sections are mainly the illustrations of the uniforms of the Russian army published by Viskovatov.
Here we have 30 color plates from L' Armee Russe These apparently are from the era of Tsar Alexander II, judging from the monogram.
We have color lithographs of the hussar regiments of Alexander I
And we now have several hundred pictures of the regimental uniforms circa 1910-11 from the book by Colonel V. K. Shenk.
We have several paintings we commissioned of Grand Prince Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoi, Grand Prince Alexander Nevski, Count Petr Saltyakov, Prince Suvorov, Prince Bagration, Russian cavalryman, Russian infantryman and Marshal Zhukov. We have an article on the Streltzi by Richard Sanders and one on passages from the diary of General Patrick Gordon by John Sloan, both originally published in our Gorget and Sash.
Please send your request for these special magazines soon.
We have added sections for several modern Russian military museums - the huge Museum of Artillery, The Central Army Museum, The Aviation Museum at Monino, the Armor Museum at Kubinka, and the World War II Memorial.
For material on Russian military history in general please go to
Rushistory or check the full index at
For material on Russian history organized by city please go to
Material including illustrations on medieval Russian arms and armor is at Armor.

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