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Memorial statue of Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitri Mikhailovich Pozharski, the leaders of the army that recaptured Moscow and the Kremlin from the Polish invaders during the Time of Troubles. It is located on the Lobnoye Mesto (the elevated place where the town crier would inform the populace of the latest undertakings of the tsar, as for example Ivan IV who actually listened to the pronouncements from a vantage point on the kremlin's wall and gauged the crowd's reaction), erroneously known as the former execution place due to a movie made about the Stenka Razin rebellion in the 1920s. Originally it stood in the middle of the square and was later moved just outside St Basil's cathedral. The monument was created by Martos and cast in bronze by the Russian master, Yekimov. It was unveiled on 20 February, 1818 in the presence of the tsar's whole family. Alexander I commanded the honor guard troops himself. Prince Pozharski is seated . Minin stands before him pointing to the Kremlin with one hand and presenting a sword to Pozharski with the other.


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