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Simenov monastery tower Sokrovi page 55


One of the several monasteries to have representation (a court) in the Kremlin was the Simonov Monastery. The historians have different view points as to its origin. It was founded by a follower of Saint Sergei, Simeon or more likely by Fiodor, nephew of St Sergei. Another approach is that of V.A. Kuchkin who believes that it was founded by Simeon the Proud. The territory of the monastery was to have been used by the Great Princes for get aways. The location was where the Moscow river makes sharp turns and is bordered by steep banks. This interpretation is dubious in that the distance between that of the Simonov monastery and the steep banks is substantial especially in distances measured in the middle ages. Thus it is believed Prince Ivan Ivanovich founded the monastery on the Steep Banks "V Krutitsakh." It is likewise believed that the "old" Simonov monastery was the internment site of the two warriors of the Kulikovo battle - Alexander Peresvet and Andrei Osliaybya. In 1431 the church of the Vvedenie Vo Khram Svyatoi Bogorodisty was built in brick on the grounds of the Simonov monastery on the north end of the ramparts built by Dmitrii Donskoi in 1367.


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