statue of Yurii Dolgoruki  

The statue of the offiicial "founder" of Moscow, Prince Yurii Dolgoruki, was cast for the 800 anniversary of the first mention of Moscow in medieval Russian Chronicles. The site had been occupied by settlers for centuries already, but the foundation of the city of Moscow is accepted from the Ipat'yevski chronicle entry of (6655), that is 1147, when Yuri established his outpost on the hill by the river and invited the Prince of Novgorod-Severski, Svyatoslav Ol'govich, to meet him there. Although that is the earliest written record mentioning Moscow, that doesn't mean the town began then. At that time the boyar, Kuchko, had his estate here and the population center had been occupied at least two centuries. Kuchko's brother participated in the murder of Andrei Bogolubski, Yurii's son.


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