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  View across Neva river  

View across Neva River from near the Winter Palace. On Vasilevski Island are the Naval Museum in the former stock exchange (1805-10), Rostral columns on the Strelka to the right center and the Zoological Museum in the center. On the far right is the dome of the Institute of Russian Literature built in 1832. The Kunstkammer with its tower is on the left and on the far left is the Academy of Sciences. The two Rostral columns (only one visible here) were lighthouses with gas torches. They were designed by Thomas de Thomon in 1810. The are decorated in Roman fashion with the prows of boats. The Zoological Museum is in a former custom house designed by Giovanni Lucchini in 1826. The Kunstkammer was designed by Georg Mattarnovi in 1718-34 to house Peter I's collection. The Academy of Science building was designed by Giacomo Quarenghi in 1783-85.


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