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Map published in 1902 of the central part of downtown St Petersburg - just west of the previous map. The fortress is at the center top with its hornwork north of the main fort. The Neva flows from right to left.. The Little Neva is left of the fort and the Great Nevka is right of the fort. Vasilevski island point is at the confluence of the Little Neva and the Neva left of the fort. South, across the Neva at a point between Vasilevski Island and the fortress is the Winter Palace. The huge white space south of the palace is the square in the center of which is the Alexander Column. The former General Staff building is the semicirclular building on the south side of the square. The admiralty is left of the Winter Palace and left of it is the park in which the Bronze Horseman statue is situated. In a straight line from that park is the round brown mark of the St Isaac Cathedral. The straight street that runs from the Admiralty east at an angle off the map is Nevski Prospect. It crosses the Moika, Griboyedova and Fontanka canals. Just south of Nevski prospect and west of Griboyedova canal is the semicircular colonade in front of the Cathedral of our Lady of Kazan. Note the orientation of the cathedral itself, behind the colonade.It is oriented east-west in conformance with proper theology. Going north along thee Griboyedova from the Kazan cathedral one passes near the Russia Museum on the right and then comes to the Cathedral of Our Savior on the spot where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated. Just further on is the intersection of the Griboyedova and Moika canals. The Moika here as curved east and then joins the Fontanka canal.In the corner below that intersection is the Engineer Palace, left of it is the green of the Mikhailovski garden. The whote space north of the Moika is the former 'Field of Mars' the drill ground for the imperial guard regiments. Thee large trapezoidal building right of the Kazan Cathedral is the Gostini dvor - the large bazar market. Toward the left edge of the map where the Griboyedova makes a sharp curve near the Fontanka is a green patch. This is the location of the St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral. Just north of it and left of a white space is the Marinski Opera theater and across the space is the Rimski Korsakov Conservatory.


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