Battle of Borodino
Time schedule







Marshal Ney reports army readiness to Napoleon
Napoleon's proclaimation being read to battalions
Napoleon starts for main CP at Shevardino
First French artillery fire - have to move battery

Poniatowski prepares to advance


Barclay orders LGJagers back from Borodino - too late - Delzon attacks them

First fire from Guard artillery - then 102 guns fire

0630 - Nap launches (Davout) I Corps (Compans) against south fletch

Poniatowski starts forward


Platov finds ford on lower Kolocha & no French
Rus Jagers counterattack into Borodino, then retire and burn bridge

Kutuzov orders Baggavout to shift to left flank

0730 - Compans shot - French 57th takes fletch

- driven out by Rus 7th CG Div.

French prepare to assault Semenovka

- Sieves Rus Cav counterattack


Fighting continues for fletches as Ney and Davout both assault again and again

0830 - Bagration counterattacks with curiassiers to retake fletch

Poniatowski begins fire on Rus 1st Gren Div

Tutchkov withdraw Gren, burn Utitsa


Eugene shift Morand, Gerard and Broussier over pontoon bridge - prepare to attack Great Redoubt -

Raevski has .5 corps (8 bns)

Ney III Corps (Ledru) takes fletch again.

Baggavout starts march to south, some of corps hit while enroute behind center.

Kutuzov orders Constantine to send 3 LG Cav Regts, 8 Converge Gren bns and arty forward.

French attack Rus 7th Converged Gren Div - Rapp hit again

- Rus Curiassiers counter

Ledru takes 2nd fletch, destroys 7th CGD.

Rus counter attack again

Murat new attack takes one fletch again,

2nd Rus Cuirassier counter again

Nap shifts Junot VIII Corps to drive Jagers from woods

Tutchkov sends dragoons to assist - Tuchkov's 3rd Div (Konovnitsn) shifts to woods


Kutusov orders Uvarov and Platov into cavalry diversion -

Eugene starts Broussier recon of redoubt - thrown back - 1030 - Morand takes Great Redoubt, driven out by VI Corps

- Kutaisov killed at redoubt- another attack

Grouchy Cav hits Rus 17th Div in march south

Bagration hit -
Barclay shift IV Corps to south into gap
Borozdin VIII Corps driven from fleches
Baggavout arrives (enroute left flank) to drive Ney out again .

Napoleon attacking center between fletches and redoubt with I and III Corps - Nansouty and Latour-Maubourg Cav forward to Semenovka - Counter by Rus IV Cav Corps

1030 south of Semenovka, Nansouty hits 3 Rus LG regt squares - Murat and Ney ask for Young Guard

1030 -Poniatowski brings up 22 artillery pieces


Uvarov and Platov cross Kolochka -

French assault on redoubt slackens - artillery fire increase - fighting for fletches and Semenovka continues


Uvarov stopped by Delzons and marshy stream - sits idle - French reacting with panic in rear areas.

French finally take fletches - Ney again asks for Guard

Dokturov (Rus IV Corps) shifts into bend at Semenovka - Nap sends Guard Arty (60 guns) to Friant - Murat charges to hold Russians as Sorbier deploys

Poniatowski takes Utitsa - Rus II and III Corps counter - Tuchkov killed -


Uvarov and Platov mostly idle - French reacting Eugene, Lecchi, Grouchy cav (17 regts) shifted to counter Platov

Sorbier opens fire on Ostermann-Tolstoy

Murat Cav shifted north toward redoubt - sit under fire

French (170 guns) fire on redoubt - Tolstoy holding ground

Baggovut in command - in artillery duel with Poniatowski


Uvarov and Platov ordered back, begin return to right wing reserve

French cavalry sitting under fire from redoubt and Russian center


Nap returns to Shevardino - French renew assault on redoubt with 3 div of IV Corps and II and IV Cavalry Corps - IV Cav Corps Saxons ride into redoubt rear, infantry follow in front.

artillery duel continue


Eugene concentrate all cavalry against Rus Inf behind redoubt - Rus inf in squares - Barclay commits Rus Cav reserve to huge melee.


artillery duel continues


Uvarov and Platov arrive back at Gorki with their cavalry units.

Cavalry engagement declining

Poniatowski renews assault


Russians are 1000 yards back on line of artillery reserve

Baggouvt retires to conform with Russian center

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