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He was the third son of Prince Vasilii II Vasil'yevich Temnii, grand prince of Moscow and Maria Yaroslavna, princess of Maloyaroslavets. He received Uglich and Zvenigorod about 1462, and the appanage of Mozhaisk about 1481 but supported his brother, Ivan III's, efforts to unite all the Russian lands. He married about in 1470 with Yelena, daughter of Roman Andryeyevich, appanage prince of Meshchevsk. Their sons were Ivan (born after 1470 and probably died without heirs), and Dmitrii, prince of Uglich without udel. And their daughters were Ul'yana, who married Ivan Semyonovich Bol'shoi, prince of Kuben, and Yevdokia. The family is shown on this chart.Nevertheless, he also supported Casimir, King of Poland. But he went too far in 1491 when he refused to provide his troops to Ivan's campaign. Ivan had him arrested and thrown in prison, where he died in 1493.


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