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  {short description of image} bio of Fedor Borisovich bio ov Vasilii Yur'yevich Kosoi bio of Vasilii Mikhailovich prince of Veria  bio of Vasilii Aleksandrovich bio of Vasilii Ivanovich Shemyachich bio of Ivan Dmitriyevich Shemiyaka bio of Dmitrii Yur'yevich Krasnii bio of Boris Vasil'yevich bio of Andrei Vladimirovich bio of Ivan Ivanovich bio of Vasilii Yur'yevich bi oof Dmitrii Yur'yevich Shemyaka bio of Mikhail Andryeyevich bi oof Ivan Andryeyevich bi oof Andrei Dmitriyevich bio of Yurii IV Dmitriyevich bio of Konstantin Dmitriyevich bi oof Fedor I Ivanovich bio of Semyon Ivanovich bio of Ivan IV Vasil'yevich Grozni bio of Yuri Vasil'yevich bio of Vasilii Vladimirovich Staritsk bi oof Vladimir Andryeyevich Staritsk bio of Andrei Ivanovich bio ov Ivan Ivanovich Molodoi bi oof Dmitrii Ivanovich bio of Dmitrii Andryeyevich bio of Andrei Vasil'yevich Bol'shoi bio of Yuri Vasil'yevich Mladshi bio of Ivan III Vasil'yevich bio of Vasilii II Vasil'yevich bio of Ivan Vasil'yevich bio of Vasilii Yaroslavich bio of Semyon Vladimirovich Khrabri bi oof Ivan Vladimirovich Khrabri bio of Fedor Vladimirovich Khrabri bio of Vasilii Vladimirovich Khrabri bio of Yaroslav Vladimirovich Khrabri bio of Petr Dmitriyevich bio of Vasilii Dmitriyevich bio of Ivan Ivanovich bio of Dmitrii Ivanovich Donskoi bio of Vladimir Andryeyevich bio of Ivan Andryeyevich bio of Ivan II Ivanovich bio of Andrei Ivanovich bio of Semyon Ivanovich Gordii bio of Ivan I Daniilovich bio of Aleksandr Daniilovich bio of Boris Daniilovich bio of Yurii III Daniilovich bio of Mikhail Andryeyevich bio of Ivan Dmitriyevich bio of Boris Andryeyevich bio of Dmitri Aleksandrovich bio of Andrei Aleksandrovich bio of Daniil Aleksandrovich  

Please place your cursor over a box to see if it is linked to brief notes on the individual. All these individual notes then are linked to fathers and sons so it is possible to trace the lineage from Igor to Fedor I. The family line is traced back to Alexander Nevski, although he was never prince of Moscow.
The first of the family to proclaim himself such was Alexander's third son, Daniel. However by starting with Alexander Nevski we can link the family backwards more easily. Aleksandr's two older sons, Dmitrii and Andrei III, fought each other for the throne of Vladimir and both had the khan's yarlik at one time or another. But Daniil died before Andrei III, so had no chance himself to the Vladimir throne. But both Dmitrii Aleksandrovich's and Andrei Aleksandrovich's family lines ended, leaving the succession to Aleksandr Yaroslavich Nevski's domains to Daniil Aleksandrovich's family. Meanwhile Aleksandr Yaroslavich Nevski's brothers, Andrei II and Yaroslav III, both grand princes of Vladimir, had established their family rule in Susdal and Tver respectively. These are shown on other diagrams. (Susdal) (Tver). Members of these two princely houses continued to struggle with the Moscow family.
Then Daniel's son, Yuri III Danilovich, vied with his cousin, Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver, for the throne of Vladimir - actually the Tatar yarlik giving him the title as Grand Prince of Vladimir, winning it in 1317. When Yuri III died in 1325, the title for Moscow went to his younger brother, Ivan I Daniilovich. But he had lost the yarlik for Vladimir in 1322 to Mikhail Yaroslavich's son, Dmitri Mikhailovich Groznii Ochi and then Mikhail's other son, Aleksandr Mikhailovich from 1326 to 1327. Ivan regained this after a fight in 1331, and from then on through the next eight generations Moscow gradually became the capital of "all the Rus", although not without a struggle against Tver.
The typical fratricidal war amongst the brothers in Moscow was eliminated when in 1453 the ruling prince, Semyon Ivanovich the proud, died in the great plague along with all his sons who had not already died and his brother, Andrei Ivanovich. This left the throne clear for Ivan II. Of his two sons, only Dmitrii Ivanovich Donskoi, was a contender, even though he came to the throne at age 9. His son, Vasilii I, ruled without opposition from his brothers. But when the throne passed to his son, Vasilii II, then a civil war again broke out between Vasilii II Vasil'yevich and his uncle, Yuri IV Dmitriyevich. And this war was continued by Yuri's sons. Thus Dmitrii Shemyaka claims place as grand prince of Moscow for two brief periods until Vasilii II regained his throne. By the reigns of Ivan III, Vasilii III, and Ivan IV any pretence at opposition from brothers or uncles was ineffectual.


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