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BORIS VASIL'KOVICH (1231 - 1277)


He was the son of Vasil'ko Konstantinovich, appanage prince of Rostov and Maria Mikhailovna, princesss of Chernigiv. He was appanage prince of Rostov 1238 - 1277. He married in 1248 with Maria, daughter of Yaroslav Svyatoslavich, appanage prince of Murom. Their sons were Dmitri, Konstantin, appanage prince of Rostov; and Vasilii, crown prince of Rostov. They are shown on this chart. Maria was from the line of princes of Murom descended from to Ol'govichi. Although Vasilii, who was born in 1268, died young, his elder brother, Konstantin, was progenerator of an immense family line. With Boris the family line as rulers of Rostov was thusly solidified and lasted to the end of the separate Rostov principality. He and his descendents are shown on this chart.


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