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He was the fourth son of Andrei Fedorovich, appanage prince of Starodub. He became appanage prince of Palets. His sons were Fedor Pestri, Aleksandr, Dmitrii Tulup, and Ivan, princes Palets. The family is shown on this chart.
The Paletski udel was centered on Palekh on the Palek River. It was created for David Andryeyevich. His son, Ivan Davidovich, was the last udel prince of Palek, since his sons went into Moscow service. Fedor Pestri was a voyevod for Ivan III and founder of the Pestrikh family. His brother, Dmitri Tulup, founded the Tulupovikh family. Ivan Bolshoi Gundor, son of Fedor Pestri, founded the Gundorovikh family. Later on, princes Ul'yana Dmitriyevna Paletska who died in 1557, was married to Yuri Vasil'yevich, brother of Ivan IV. The death in 1597 of Andrei Dmitriyevich brought an end to the Paletski family.


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