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ANDREI FEDOROVICH (ca 1331 - 1409)


He was the third son of Fedor Ivanovich Blagovernii, appanage prince of Starodub. He became appanage prince of Starodub in 1363 when Dmitrii Donskoi threw his older brother out for siding with Dmitrii Konstantinovich. Andrei agreed to subordinate his policy in Starodub to Moscow. He married in 1350 to unknown individual. His sons were Fedor, appanage prince of Starodub; Vasilii, appanage prince Pozharski; Ivan, appanage prince Ryaopolovski; and David, appanage prince Paletski. The family is shown on this chart.
With the division of the Starodub appanage into several udels for these sons and others the already not very strong position of the principality was further weakened.


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