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He was the son of Mikhail II Yaroslavich, grand prince of Tver and Anna Dmitriyevna, princess of Rostov. He became grand prince of Tver 1319 - 1326 and grand prince of Vladimir 1322 - 1326. He married in 1320 with Maria, daughter of Gedimin, grand prince of Lithuania. He died without heirs in 1326. The family is shown on this chart.
He was deeply involved in the struggle between the houses of Tver and Moscow for supremacy over the Rus lands and sought help from Lithuania for this purpose. He denounced Yurii III Danilovich of Moscow to the Tatar Khan Ozbeg in 1322 in order to obtain the yarlik. When Yurii Danilovich complained, Ozbeg ordered Dmitrii Mikhailovich to appear. In 1325 Dmitrii murdered Yurii at Sarai, whereupon Ozbeg executed Dmitrii.


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