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He was the third son of Andrei Fedorovich, appanage prince of Starodub. He became appanage prince of Ryapolov when this udel was created for him. His sons were Ivan, prince Ryapolovski, Andrei Loban, Semyon Khripun, and Dmitrii, princes Ryapolovski without udel. The family is shown on this chart.
The Ryapolovski udel centered on the village Ryapolov northeast of Starodub. The eldest son of Ivan Nogovitsa, Ivan, was an active supporter of Vasilii II in the war with Dmitrii Shemyaka and kept the udel right, but his brothers and son did not have udel authority. Fedor Semyon Striga, prince Rypolovski, died in 1498 and was the founder of the the Strigin family. Ivan Fedorovich Bolshoi Kholok was founder of the Khilkov family. Ivan Menshoi Tat founded the Tatevski family.


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