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He was the son of Mikhail II Yaroslavich, grand prince of Tver and Anna Dmitriyevna, princess of Rostov. He became appanage prince of Dorogobuzh from 1318 - 1327 and grand prince of Tver 1328 - 1337 and then 1339 - 1346). He married first about 1320 with Sof'ia, daughter of Yurii III Daniilovich, prince of Moscow and second with Yevdokia. His sons were Semyon, who was appanage prince of Dorogobuzh following his father (ca 1346 - 1365) and who died without heirs in 1365, and Eremei, appanage prince of Dorogobuzh who ruled with his brother until 1365 and then alone until 1373. The family is shown on this chart.


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