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ROMAN DANILOVICH (ca 1218 - ?)


He was the son of Daniil Romanovich, king of Galicia and probably his first wife Anna Mstislavna, princess of Novgorod. He married first in 1252 Gertrude Babenberg, daughter Henri, Duke of Austria and second around 1253-56 a daughter of Gleb . The first marriage was a political arrangement by his father, Daniil and the King of Hungary, Bela IV, who wanted Daniil to bring his army into Germany to assist in taking the former lands of the deceased Archduke Frederick II. Since Frederick had died without heirs and Bella IV had been appointed guardian by Pope Innocent IV of the young Gertrude, he thought that by marying her to Roman and making Roman Archduke of Austria he would have an ally there. But he was crafty and didn't give Roman the promised support. Roman was then besieged with his wife, Gertrude, in the castle of Himberg and Daniil had to march to relieve the siege. It seems that Gertrude sent Roman out to bring aid from his father, but Daniil at that point decided the Austrian venture was a lost cause and did not campaign there further. Apparently Gertrude was left to her own devices and Roman abandoned her. Later, her daughter by Roman, Maria, married the ban of Zagreb, Stevan IV. Gertrude was given lands in Styria. Roman's sons were Mikhail, prince of Slonim; and Vasil'ko, prince of Novgorod. Roman was also briefly prince of Novgorod and of Slonim.They are shown in this family chart.


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