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This is the listing of princes at Novgorod according to the Novgorod Chronicle First edition, with some additions.


Rurik - 862 - 879) ??
Igor - 900-945?
Vladimir I Svyatoslavich 978-980
Vyshyeslav Vladimirovich ca 989-1010 - died shortly after arrival
Yaroslav I Vladimirovich ca 1010-1019 - replaced his brother as representative for their father - then moved up to Kyiv.
Elias (Ilya) Yaroslavich 1019-1020 - at age about 4 years, left by his father to 'rule' (no doubt with experienced advisors,) when Yaroslav moved to Kyiv., died there without issue.
Kosnyatin Dobrinich ??? - possibly a posadnik for Yaroslav?
Vladimir Yaroslavich 1034-36 or1036-52 - he died in office there.
Izyaslav Yaroslavich (1052-54) replaced his brother before moving to Kyiv in 1055 to become grand prince.
Rostislav Vladimirovich (1054 - 1062?) - took over from his uncle shortly following his father's death? Moved on to be prince of Tmutorokan in 1064.
Mstislav Izyaslavich ??? - he was born in 1043 and died in 1068. Not clear to me yet if his father placed him at Novgorod or not. But he was in Poland with his father during the uprising that put Vsyeslav on the throne temporarily. And he returned in 1069 to execute his father's enemies in Kyiv.
Vsyeslav Bryachislavich of Polotsk captured Novgorod in 1067 but could not hold it against the combined Vladimirovichi.
Gleb Svyatoslavich 1068-69 or 1069-78 -sent by his father as part of the policy to control Novgorod.
Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich - 1078-1088 on Gleb's death and with his father, Izyaslav, regaining power in Kyiv. He was sent to control the town.
David Svyatoslavich - 1093-1095. He was sent by his father when Svyatoslav II gained the Kyiv throne until replaced by Mistislav Vladimirovich. when Svyatoslav lost the Kyivan throne.
Mstislav Vladimirovich (1088-1093) 1095-1125 note he was thrown out by David for two years. (See entry on Svyatopolk II for some events around 1102 and the chronology for 12th century) . But he was brought back by the Novgorodians themselves from Rostov in 1095. He managed to keep power in Novgorod through his son, Vsyevolod, and grandsons.
Vsyevolod Mstislavich - 1117-1132, 1132,1136 - son of Mstislav I Vladimirovich
Ivan Vsyevolodovich - 1128 (year he died) son of Vsyevolod Mstislavich, ruling for his father and grandfather.
Vladimir Vsyevolodovich - d 1136 - another son of Vsyevolod Mstislavich
Novgorodians ask Vsyevolod Ol'govich to send his brother instead of his son from Kyiv - Svyatoslav Ol'govich then involved in internal conflicts. Many historians see the events in Novgorod this year as a turning point in the city's independence. When in 1138 Vsyevolod Ol'govich becomes weak in Kyiv the Novgorodians expell his brother, Svyatoslav, and ask Yuri Vladimirovich to send a prince.
Rostislav Yur'yevich, son of Yuri Vladimirovich Dolgoruki - 1138-41 Here is the first example of the power of the new order at Suzdal (Yuri) who puts his son at Novgorod. But Rostislav had to flee several times during the clan struggles. In 1139 with Vsyevolod again strong in Kyiv the Novgorodians ask for Svyatoslav back and push Rostislav Yur'yevich out.
Yaroslav Izyaslavich, son of Izyaslav II Mstislavich, prince from ? to 1154 and much later of Kyiv (1172-75), but based at the family place, Turov.
Svyatoslav and David Rostislavich - ca 1154 - 1157 ruling on behalf of their father, Rostislav Mstislavich, but they didn't last this time.
Mstislav Yur'yevich from ?? to 1157 - another of Yuri Dolgoruki's sons ruling Novgorod, sent by Andrei Yur'yevich at the Novgorodian request? His son also ruled (see below)
Svyatoslav Rostislavich - ca 1161 - second time? (died in 1172 as prince of Chernigiv) son of Rostislav Mstislavich, prince of Kyiv and powerful ruler of Smolensk.
Mstislav Vsyevolodovich before dying in 1168.
Roman Mstislavich, son of Mstislav II - 1168-69 - very powerful warrior who later moved to Galich. He withstood attack by Andrei Bogolubski. Great siege.
Yuri Andryeyevich, son of Andrei Bogolubski - 1170? 1174
Yaroslav Mstislavich Krasni, son of Mstislav Yur'yevich - 1176
Yaropolk Rostislavich, son of Rostislav Yur'yevich (see above) - 1178 - he later was grand prince of Vladimir
Mstislav Rostislavich Khrabri - 1179-80, died in 1180 was sent to hold Novgorod by his father, Rostislav Mstislavich. (see above). His son, Mstislav, also held Kyiv.
Vladimir Svyatoslavich - held Novgorod for his father, Svyatoslav III prince of Kyiv, around 1180 and then moved to Periaslavl and then Chernigiv.
Yaroslav Vladimirovich, son of Vladimir Mstislavich - 1183-84, 1187-96 - 1197-99 - He was grandson of Mstislav Rostislavich Khrabri. He was pushed out by Vsyevold III of Suzdal in 1200 and replaced by Svyatoslav, age 3.
Svyatoslav Vsyevolodovich ca 1200? placed by his father, Vsyevolod III.
Konstantin Vsyevolodovich, 1206-7 - then udel prince Rostov in 1207, then grand prince Vladimir 1216-18. He held Novgorod for his father, Vsyevolod III, who sent him there in 1205 to replace the young Svyatoslav. He brings Novgorod troops to help in south but is wounded.
Svyatoslav Vsyevolodovich - again sent to control the city in 1208
Mstislav Mstislavich Udaloi - sent by his uncle to Toropets in 1208, takes Torzhok in 1208, arrests Svyatoslav and Vsyevolod's agents.
In 1209 Konstantin Vsyevolodovich leads his father's army in unsuccessful effort to retake Novgorod but does get Svyatoslav released.
Mstislav Mstislavich now prince in 1210-14; and 1216-18 then udel prince of Galicia and then back to Torchesk -He was one of the most colorful of Russian warriors At Novgorod he was constantly at war and in 1212 even brought Novgorod army to Kyiv.
Yaroslav Vsyevolodovich - in 1214-15 while Mstislav is doing his thing in Galich and Kyiv, Yaroslav retakes Novgorod, but Mstislav returns at Novgorodian request and throws him back out. In 1216 Mstislav brings Novgorod troops into the Vsyevolodovichi civil war over throne of Vladimir (Battle of Lipitsa River).
Vasilii Mstislavich - 1216-18 - son of above, died then as 'crown prince'
In 1218 when Mstislav departs for Galich and the threat from the Germans increases, the Novgorodians again turn to the Vsyevolodovichi. Novgorod is now involved in the civil war amongst these sons of Vsyevolod III.
In 1218 Mstislav Mstislavich is replaced at Novgorod by Mstislav Romanovich's second son, Vsyevolod, but Novgorodinas tell Vsyevolod to leave in 1221.
1220 - Yuri replaces this Romanovichi with his son. Vsyevolod? (dates of change between 1218 and 1223 unclear.)
Vsyevolod Yur'yevich, son of Yuri II Vsyevolodovich of Vladimir house, sent by his father in 1223. died in the Mongol invasion of 1238.
1223 - Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich elected prince of Novgorod. Yaroslav unsuccessfully besieges Revel fortress.
1225 - Battle of Torzhok. Following a period of political infighting among the Novgorod boyars on the one hand and the Vsyevolodovich brothers on the other, the Novgorod boyars gain enough political clout to bring in their own prince, Svyatoslav Mstislavich of Smolensk, and then his brother, Vsyevolod Mstislavich. But they went back to Smolensk.
Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich again in 1226. (and again in 1230?)
Mikhail Vsyevolodovich, son of Vsyevolod Svyatoslavich, of Chernigiv house, 1225-29. He later was grand prince of Kyiv 1238-40 - 1241 and died at Mongol hands in 1246.
Rostislav Mikhailovich, son of Mikhail Vsyevolodovich, prince in 1228, He moved to Galich in 1235 and never looked back.
Fedor Yaroslavich, son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich - 1228 - jointly with his brother, Aleksandr
Aleksandr Yaroslavich Nevski, son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich - 1228, 1236, 1240, 1241-52
Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich, son of Vsyevolod III Yur'yevich, prince of Novgorod from Nov 1238-1246
Roman Danilovich, 1250? - a son of Daniel Romanovich, king of Galich. He spent most of his time in the west.
Vasilko Romanovich -son of the previous and also possibly prince at Novgorod briefly.
Vasilii Aleksandrovich 1252-71 with breaks
Dmitri Alexsandrovich - prince (1259-1263), and (1276-1283) who fought his brother, Andrei for the throne of Vladimir.
1263 - Yaroslav III is prince of Novgorod
1267 - Novgorod calls for help from Dmitrii Aleksandrovich
1268 - Battle of River Kegola - Dmitrii is defeated by Livonians.
1272 - Mongols send troops to support Vasilii Yaroslavich's claim to rule Novgorod.
1276 - Khan Mangu gives title of prince of Novgorod to Dmitrii Aleksandrovich.
Andrei Aleksandrovich, son of Nevski, 1300 - 1304 ??


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