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He was the son of Vladimir Yaroslavich, Prince of Novgorod and Peremyshl. His mother was Anna. He married Anna Lanka, daughter of Andrei I King of Hungary. His sons were Rurik (prince of Tmutorokan); Volodar, prince of Peremyshl;and Vasil'ko, prince of Terebovl. The family is shown on this chart. Volodar ruled Peremyshl in Galicia and had sons, Vladimirko and Rostislav. Vladimirko ruled Galich and had a son, Yaroslav Osmomysl and grandsons, Vladimir and Oleg. Rostislav ruled Peremishl and had a son Ivan Berladnik and grandson, Rostislav. Vasil'ko ruled Terebovl and had sons Ivan and Rostislav. He may have ruled Rostov and Suzdal and then Vladimir in Volynia.
Rostislav ruled Tmutorokan from 1064 until 1067. In 1064 he threw Gleb Svyatoslavich out of Tmutorokan. In 1067 he was poisoned by Byzantine agents. Volodar and Vasil'ko engaged in bitter warfare with David Igor'yevich, prince of Galich.


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