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Afanasii was a son of Ivan Romanovich Neblagoslovennii Svistun, prince of Yaroslavl. He became appanage prince of Shekhon, a late created udel. He married Agrafina. Their sons were Semyon and Vasilii, appanage princes of Shekhon. The family is shown on this chart. The Shekonski udel was divided out of the Yaroslavl principality in the 15th century and received its name from a small fortress on the bank of the Sheksn river near its confluence with the Volga. The first udel prince was Afanasii. Some historians believe that Semyon and Vasilii ruled jointly and then gave it to Maria Yaroslavna, wife of Vasilii II. Apparently they were the last independent udel princes at Shekhon. Their sons became service princes of Moscow.


Afanasii Ivanovich
Semyon Afanasiyevich
VAsilii Afanasiyevich


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