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  {short description of image} bi oof Emperor Nikolai I Pavlovich bio of Emperor Nikolai II Aleksandrovich bio of Emperor Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich bio of Emperor Aleksandr II Nikolaiyevich bio of Emperor Aleksandr I Pavlovich bio of Tsar Mikhail Romanov bio of Tsar Feodor III Aleksyeyevich bio of Empress Catherine II bio of Emperor Peter III bio of Peter II Alexsyeyevich bio of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna bio of Sophia Aleksyeyevich bio of Emperor Peter I bio of Ivan Alekseivich bio of Alexei Mikhailovich  

Here the geneology chart starts with Mikail Romanov, who was elected Tsar in 1613. The line of his ancestors is shown separately. His descendents ruled until 1917.


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