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{short description of image} bio of Ivan Vladimirovich of Pronsk bio of Ivan Aleksandrovich bio of Fedor Vladimirovich bio of Ivan Fedorovich Postun bio of Fedor Yur'yevich bio of David Yur'yevich bio of Vladimir Yur'yevich bio of Yurii Yur'yevich bio of Ingvar Igor'yevich bio of Roman Igor'yevich bio of Ivan Ivanovich bio of Ivan Vasil'yevich bio of Fedor Vasil'yevich bio of Vasilii Ivanovich bio of Ivan Fedorovich bio of Vasilii Fedorovich bio of Rodislav Ol'govich bio of Fedor Ol'govich bio of Oleg Ivanovich bio of Ivan Ivanovich bio of Ivan Yaroslavich bio of Mikhail Yaroslavich bio of Ivan Vasil'yevich bio of Vasilii Konstantinovich bio of Konstantin Romanovich bio of Yaroslav Romanovich bio of Fedor Romanovich bio of Oleg Ingvaryevich bio of Roman Ol'govich bio of Rostislav Yur'yevich bio of Gleb Ingvaryevich bio of David Ingvaryevich bio of Roman Ingvaryevich bio of Rostislav Svyatoslavich bio of Mstislav Svyatoslavich bio of Igor Glebovich bio of Svyatopolk. Yur'yevich bio of Yurii Igor'yevich bio of Yaroslav Svyatoslavich bio of Svyatoslav Davidovich bio of Yurii Yaroslavich of Murom bio of Vasilii Yaroslavich bio of Yaroslav Davidovich bio of David Yur'yevich bio of Yurii Vladimirovich bio of Vladimir Svyatoslavich of Murom bio of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich prince of Murom bio of Yuri Yaroslavich bio of Dmitrii Andriyevich bio of Daniil Dmitriyevich bio of Gleb Yur'yevich bio ofYuri Fedorovich bio of Andrei Ivanovich Sukhi bio of Ivan Ivanovich bio of Fedor Ivanovich bio of Ivan Vladimirovich bio of Vladimir Dmitriyevich bio of Vladimir Yaroslavich bio of Dmitrii Yaroslavich bio of Vasilii Aleksandrovich bio of Yaroslav Aleksandrovich bio of Aleksandr Mikhailovich bio of Mikhail Mikhailovich bio of Kuyr-Mikhail Vsyevolodovich bio of Izyaslav Vladimirovich bio of Oleg Vladimirovich bio of Konstantin Vladimirovich bio of Gleb Vladimirovich bio of Yaroslav Glebovich bio of Andrei Glebovich bio of Svyatoslav Glebovich bio of Vsyevolod Glebovich bio of Vladimir Glebovich bio of Roman Glebovich bio of Andrei Rostislavich bio of Yurii Rostislavich bio of Gleb Rostislavich bio of Rostislav Yaroslavich bio of Yaroslav Svyatoslavich

By moving the cursor over the table you can find which individuals are linked directly to the biographical texts. And those not so linked can be reached by starting with their father or grandfather. As the youngest son of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich, Yaroslav was given the family domain in the then least important and most remote regions, Murom and Ryazan. But Ryazan in particular became quite important when the entire northeastern region around the Oka and Volga rivers became the center of the new Russia. The Ryazan princes first had to deal with the Monomashchi princes of Suzdal and Vladimir. Then they bore the brunt of the Tatar campaigns after 1240. Finally they were in conflict with the princes of Moscow, especially after Dmitri Donskoi. Nevertheless the one family managed to hold on to power through 17 generations right up to the final absorbtion of all the appanage principalities by Moscow in the 1550's.


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