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{short description of image} bio of Svyatopolk. Mstislavich bio of Vladimir Vsyevolodovich bio of Mstislav Vsyevolodovich bio of Ivan Vsyevolodovich bio of Rostislav Yaroslavich bio of Yaroslav Vladimirovich bio of Mstislav Vladimirovich bio of Rostislav Vladimirovich bio of Vsyevolod Mstislavich bio of Vladimir Mstislavich bio of Svyatoslav Rostislavich bio of Rurik Rostislavich bio of Mstislav Rostislavich Khrabri bio of Yuri Rostislavich bio of David Rostislavich bio of Roman Rostislavich bio of Yaropolk Izyaslavich bio of Yaroslav Izyaslavich bio of Mstislav II Izyaslavich bio of Rostislav Mstislavich bio of Izyaslav II Mstislavich bio of Mstislav I Vladimirovich house of Rostislav Mstislavich house of Izyaslav II house of Izyaslav II

Please move your cursor over the individual name to see if there is a direct link to a brief description of the person. All the individual biographies are then linked to father and sons so that one can follow the geneology from Rurik to Fedor Ivanovich and then into the Romanov line. Mstislav I came to the throne at Kyiv on the death of his father, Vladimir II Vsyevolodovich Monomach, on the basis of his father's power, and despite the succession rules that should have given the throne to his senior cousin in the Svyatoslavichi clan. Of his five sons, Svyatopolk died without heirs and Vladimir and Vsyevolod each had three sons. But of the six, only Yaroslav Vsyevolodovich has sons we know of, Rostislav and Izyaslav. IzyaslavII had a difficult rein in Kyiv, as did one of his sons, Mstislav II, but his descendents spread far and wide into western Rus regions in the lands of Galich and Vladimir-in-Volynia. Rostislav began his family's reign at Smolensk, but also managed to rule at Kyiv, as did two of his sons. The family trees for Mstislav II and Rostislav are continued in the diagrams shown.


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