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{short description of image} bio of Vasilii Romanovich prince Belev bio of Aleksandr Ivanovich bio of Mikhail Ivanovich bio of Vladimir Ivanovich bio of Vasilii Yur'yevich bio of Ivan Yur'yevich bio of Konstantin Andryeyevich bio of Mikhail Fedorovich bio of Ivan Mikhailovich bio of Fedor Yur'yevich bio of Oleg Mikhailovich bio of Semyon Yur'yevich bio of Aleksandr Andryeyevich bio of Vasilii Andryeyevich Ivan Andryeyevich Dolgoruki bi oof Fedor Ivanovich bio of Aleksandr Ivanovich bio of Ivan Yuryeyevich bio of Ivan Yur'yeyevich bio of Yurii Ivanovich bio of Lev Romanovich bio of Yurii Romanovich bio of Ivan Semyonovich bio of Roman Semyonovich bi oof Semyon Mikhailovich bio of Mikhail Vsyevolodovich bio of Ivan Konstantinovich bio of Fedor Mikhailovich bi oof Mikhail L'vovich bio of Fedor Fedorovich Sukhorukii bi oof Lev Aleksandrovich bio of Fedor Aleksandrovich bi oof Dmitrii Aleksandrovich bi oof Ivan Dmitriyevich bi oof Gregorii Aleksandrovich bio of Konstantin Ivanovich bio of Vasilii Andryeyevich Slepi bio of Roman Andryeyevich bio of Fedor Andryeyevich bio of Aleksandr Andryeyevich bio of Dmitrii Vsyevolodovich bio of Andrei Vsyevolodovich Shtuikha bio of Ancrei Konstantinovich bi oof Ivan Konstantinovich bio of Konstantin Yur'yevich bio of Vsyevolod Yur'yevich bio of Yuri Mikhailovich

Please place your cursor over an individual name to see if it is linked to a description. Then all the princes are linked to fathers and sons so one may trace the families from Rurik to Fedor and beyond. Mikhail was prince of Chernigiv from 1203 and of Novgorod between 1225 and 1229. Then he was prince of Kyiv from 1238-40 and in 1241 during the Mongol Invasion, which he managed to escape. He died in 1246, age 51. Under overall Mongol suzerainty the Russian territories were divided into weaker principalities with Rurikid princes for each. With Mikhail Vsyevolodovich the division of the Chernigiv lands continued as individual udels were created for his sons. Here we have the descendents of Mikhail Vsyevolodovich through his sons Yuri, Semyon and Oleg. His other sons are at chart. Yuri became prince of the Taruss udel and Semyon prince of Novosel. The descriptions of these udels is with these princes.


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