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He was the eldest son of Dmitrii Konstantinovich, Prince of Nizhegorod and Gorodets and claimant as grand prince of Vladimir and Vasilisa (or Anna). He was appanage prince of Gorodets., 1388 - 1403. His sons were Ivan, prince of Suzdal without udel who died in 1417; Yuri, appanage prince Shuiski; Fedor, about whose family we have no information; and Daniil, prince of Suzdal. Yuri is the link to the famous Shuiski family that dominated the tsar's court during the last half of the 15th century and finally put a member on the throne during the time of troubles. The family is shown on this chart.


His most notable exploit occured in 1382. His father had sent him to serve with the Tatars. When Khan Toqtamish besieged Moscow, Vasilii was instrumental in deceiving the defenders to open the city gates, whereupon the Tatars sacked the town. He was given the Tatar yarlik as Prince of Gorodets. His effort to take Nizhnii Novgorod as well was stopped by Vasilii I Dmitrievich of Moscow


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