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He was the son of Vsyevolod Konstantinovich, appanage prince of Yaroslavl and Marina Ol'govna. He was appanage prince of Yaroslavl 1238-49). He married in 1242 with Ksyenia. Their son was Vasilii, prince of Yaroslavl and their daughter was Maria. They are shown on this family chart.
When Vasilii died in 1249 his daughter, Maria, was already betrothed to Fedor Rostislavich Chernii, appanage prince of Mozhaisk, of the princes of Smolensk. Both Maria and Vasilii Vasil'yevich were very young. Then after Vasilii's brother, Konstantin, died without heirs, the conference of princes at Vladimir decided to confer Yaroslavl on Maria's husband before the wedding. Thus Yaroslavl passed from the house of the Vsyevolodovichi to that of the Rostislavichi. See House of Yaroslavl.


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