He was a son of Rostislav Mstislavich, appanage prince of Smolensk. He was appanage prince of Mozhaisk and then of Smolensk from 1278. He is shown on this family chart of the Smolensk princes. He married first around 1260 Maria the daughter of Vasilii Vsyevolodovich, appanage prince of Yaroslavl and heiress to the Yaroslavl domain on the death of her father and brothers. Thus Fedor became appanage prince of Yaroslavl due to agreement of the princes of Vladimir-Suzdal. This is shown on this chart. And when Maria died he retained the appanage. Then he married Anna, daughter of the powerful Mongol-Kypchak general, Nogai, who controled the entire steppe from Serbia to the Volga. From his first marriage his son was Mikhail, appanage prince of Yaroslavl. From his second marriage his sons were David, appanage prince of Yaroslavl and Konstantin, prince without udel of Yaroslavl. And he had two daughters. Although titular prince of Yaroslavl, Fedor had to spend his time more at Smolensk, so rule passed to his son, Mikhail during Fedor's life. And when Mikhail died before Fedor the succession then was assured for David.


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