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He was the second son of Andrei Fedorovich, appanage prince of Starodub. He became appanage prince of Pozhar, when this udel was created for him. His son was Daniil, appanage prince of Pozhar. The family is shown on this chart.
The Pozharski udel was based on the village Pogar or village or the region of Pozhar south and south west of Starodub. When Vasilii's descendents lost udel rights is not known. But Daniil was still a udel prince while his son, Fedor, Danilovich was not. The Pozharski princes suffered during the reign of Ivan IV, but regained some prominence in the person of Dmitrii Mikhailovich (1578 - 1642) during the reigns of Boris Gudonov and Vasilii Shuiski. Dmitrii Mikhailovich was so well thought of as a leader and military commander that he was elected by the leaders of the popular militia at Nizhni Novgorod to lead the Russian forces in their campaign to drive the Poles out of Moscow, which he succeeded in doing. With the death of Yuri Ivanovich in 1685 the Pozharski family came to an end.


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