aerial view  

This is the second in the series of photos taken by Yuri Beldyk, pilot of a balloon participating in the Festival in May 2000. Here thee balloon is directly over the Smotrich river where it is flowing back north in the lower rightcorner of the photo and then flowing back north again after making a full circle around the city, directly under the balloon seen below us in the photo. The semicircular white wall at the center bottom photo edge is the Armenian bastion above the city gate and to its right is a white building that was a casement housing artillery that is now a restaurant. The roadway leading off the right side of the picture is the top of the causway bridge between the city and the castle, off photo to the right. The large building with white roof and redish front left of the Armenian bastion is the Uniate church. The ridge beyond the river is the Russian suburb. On the near side of the river we see one of the fortress towers at river level by the Russian gate and behind it along the ridge line two of the lines of medieval walls.The long building with white roof at the left edge of the photo is the Turkish barracks.


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