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The number of Internet search engines seems to increase along with the size of the Internet itself. Now it is possible to use several of these to find quickly some web sites devoted to most any topic. We list some of the best search engines at the top of this page. However, there is still a value in creating one's own list of web addresses in order to be able to go quickly to a topic of interest. These are some of the more useful locations for information on Military history. Some of these are themselves merely huge lists of web addresses organized into categories. Others are essays on narrow topics. We have an index of all our own web sites at xenindex. Some of these are also listed below, but many are not. This list was last corrected on 14 June 2001. Please send comments and corrections to Xenophon.or make a comment in the guest book.

Table of Contents

Search Engines

This is a list of Internet Web site addresses that may be useful for educational purposes. I recommend you use at least four of these search engines when compiling a list of sites related to a topic of interest. There will be some overlap, but a large number of sites will appear on only one search.
http://www.northernlight.com This has very broad content. It has 211 million web pages indexed plus a special collection with on line business library of 6,200 full books and magazines. This seems to find business and commercial sites best.
http://www.iwon.com Thie search site actually gives users a chance to earn some cash.
http://www.google.com One of the most popular search sites, it analyzes links for relevance to the subject, by looking for how many are linked to it. I find it is very fast and returns a large number of relevant academic web sites.
http://www.dejanews.com TheDejanews was purchased by Google. But this is still the main page for research on the tens of thousands of items that have passed back and forth via email on the hundreds of news groups.
http://www.yahoo.com One of the oldest and still good.
http://www.altavista.com It indexes millions of webpages and also allows for search by full questions.
http://www.metacrawler.com This one links mulitiple other engines to search at once. It then notes how many of these engines have found the same web page. I always use this one among the others.
http://www.hotbot.com Another popular search engine.
http://www.snap.com Another search engine. It is used by Netscape and AOL. http://www.libdex.com This searches library collections. Use the Live Reference links to reach real librarians.
http://www.directhit.com This ranks the search results by popularity, the number of times they have been visited.
http://ilor.com Uses the Google engine but allows creation of a list of links.
http://Teoma.com sorts results by topic within the search subject.
http://Ditto.com searches for pictures.
http://www.ask.com The Ask Jeeves site is very popular due to its ease of use.
http://www.find.com This organizes the search into categories of topics and gives the 10 most frequently asked questions for each category.
http://www.goto.com This place will put sites that pay at the top of its listings.
http://www.inktomi.com A popular search engine used by other engines.
http://www.alltheweb.com They claim to index 300 million webpages.
http://www.libraryspot.com This site has links to all reference works from almanacs to Zip code lists. One can browse or search for specific topics. It is like all the reference works in a large library.
http;//www.invisibleweb.com Indexes interactive databases that don't show on other search engines.
http://websearch.about.com This is a guide to web searching.
http://searchenginewatch.com This website reports about how the various search engines are doing.


H-WAR The archives and book reviews as well as moderated discussion list on military history. This is part of the very large H-Net group of history discussion lists. One can use keyword search for information from past logs.A very useful web site.
Military FAQ
This actually is the site of the Naval Ship Museum but the have a compendium of the FAQ from several of the most active news groups, including rec.aviation.military, sci.military.naval, and sci.military.moderated.
Guide to Museum and Cultural Resources on the Web
This is the Natural History Museum of Los Angles. They have a link and information on at least 1000 museums around the world, some of which are military in nature.
New York Public Library
Military History Collections
Yahoo military
Yahoo Catalog Military Site List. This gives a direct link to the Yahoo search engine for military history topics. Good starting point.
Nautica Maritime History Collection A catalog and archives. Excellent coverage including both ships and models of them plus seamanship.
US Army Military History Institute
This is the official institute at Carlisle Barracks. A major section is on General Bradley. They also have on line excellent bibliographies. There is a searchable catalog. There are over 20,000 photos going back to the Civil War.
USA History Homepage
This is created by Don Mabry. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive reference collections including material on American Indians, U.S. Government documents, and American wars from colonial times to the present. Also has history of airplanes and section on wars. And there is an internal search engine to help locate specific information.
United States Army Center for Military History
many items including American units in the Revolutionary war through Desert Storm reports. There is information on heraldry, unit lineages, histories and campaigns, Medal of Honor winners, and current events.
War and Military History
good listing organized by the usual topical categories. It is part of the Airborne Ranger web ring.
Chronology of Martial Arts is actually a more comprehensive chronology of the history of conflict and war.
Military history guide A rather eclectic and general guide service to many aspects of history.
on US Wars. A very spare layout but it has tables with data on losses, costs, and other categories that can be enumerated.
Strategy Page is Jim Dunnigan's latest venture in military history and policy. It covers all periods but especially seems to have a lot of information on current events and government policies in the military affairs field.
The Scholar's Bookshelf They sell books in many academic fields, but their selection of old and new books on military subjects is outstanding.
The Military Bookman This is a large mail order military book seller with a large catalog.
A growing set of at least 80 magazines about military history or wargaming. Samples can be seen, but to access the full collection one needs a paid subscription.
The American Military University offers courses and entire graduate degree programs on military history by "distance learning" methods.
The History Net They publish military history journal and organize tours.
History Book Club The book club has many outstanding books on military history.
Military Book Club As the name shows they have lots of books on military topics, but the History book club has the more scholarly selection.
The Last Square They sell military art and high quality military miniatures.
Lord Nelson's Gallery Military paintings
Cranston Fine Artsor here Their catalog, in 8 volumes, of military paintings is itself gorgeous.
The Standard Bearer for W Britains figures
Slavin's Gallery military prints and paintings.
Military art The Military Gallery has catalog showing many of the famous military artists of recent years.
Uniformology Collection This commercial site wants to sell sets of color pictures of uniforms from books and prints of the 19th century. The samples are excellent.
Military uniforms The site sells recreation military uniforms.
Military uniforms This is a large collection of links to a wide variety of web sites that focus on uniforms, weapons or armor.
History of uniforms This is an extensive bibliography on the history of uniforms prepared by William Adams.
Russian uniforms A selection of color prints of Russian uniforms.
Imperial Russian uniforms A variety of pictures and photographs of actual items of uniforms.
Real Miniatures Richard Lucas imports excellent military miniatures made in Russia. See the web page for some super pictures.
Poland by Mail Military miniatures, replacas and art from Poland
Conte Collector military miniatures
St Petersburg Collection They sell the super fine military miniatures made in Russia by Andre Bleskine. These are some of the finest 54mm military miniatures available anywhere. The web site has some excellent color pictures of military figures.
Sentinel Miniatures They have some fine imported military miniatures also.
Toy soldiers They sell complete sets of opposing sides and scenery for famous battles or campaigns. Not inexpensive.
The War Lord They sell military miniatures of medieval war period.
Historical Miniatures Wargaming Society They put on weekend miniature wargame conventions several times a year.
Library of Univ of California for general search on military topics.
Statistics on US Wars.

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Guide to ancient history
Documents on ancient military
Timeline of ancient history
Catapult Museum On-Line A very fine place to find material on the history of catapults from ancient Greeks to the present.
Atlas of Greek and Roman World
Interactive map of Europe
Perseus project texts of ancient authors
Warfare in the Ancient World created by Dr Hugh Elton. Extensive bibliographies included with several course outlines.
Ancient War and Military History Resources Good place to find more links.

Persian wars
Introduction to Peloponnesian War
Greek - Persian Wars A class outline prepared by Dr Ellis Knox..
Interactive site on Peloponnesian War
Peloponnesian War Another of Dr Knox's class outlines.
Peloponnesian War
Another class site with good text descriptions prepared by Simon Frank..
Peloponnesian War Our brief outline history of the war.
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great - map
Alexander the Great The entry on Alexander from the 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Alexander and other Ancient Sites This has lecture mateiral and links to other sites.
The Perseus Project edited by Gregory Crane. It has a digital library with full texts of many of the most important of classical literature.
Alexander the Great
Arrian on Alexander. This is another of Ellis Knox's fine web sites with a full text of this important original source life of Alexander. Has several quick time movie selections.
Institute of Nautical Archaeology
-This Institute at Texas A&M Univ has projects that span over three thousand years of maritime history, concentrated in three primary areas: the Bronze Age Mediterranean, medieval Europe, and the colonial/early Federal New World.
The Roman Army This site by Gary Brueggeman is remarkable. It has diagrams, layouts of Roman units in various configurations, animated movement of figures to show how they went into combat.
The Roman army of the late Republic and Early Empire Another fine web site.
The Roman army This describes the historical evolution of the Roman army.

Roman weapons at Ancient Wars site This covers a broad range of topics on ancient warfare
Punic wars Another course outline with summaries of key events. I disagree with Dr Knox's view on several of the battles.
Punic Wars
The Punic Wars. This is part of a full site on Ancient history run by N. S. Gill. Tehre are many links. The descriptive text on the war is rather in the popular and general style.
Punic Wars Our brief outline of this war.
Scipio Africanus Our essay on Scipio and his family.
Gallic Campaigns devoted to Julius Caesar and his conquest of Gaul
Roman Army bibliography This is extensive and well organized
Roman Legion equipment Describes everything from individual equipment to unit artillery and other equipments.

The Roman Military Equipment Conference (ROMEC)
has a page where details of past and future ROMECs, and other relevant information, are permanently available. They publish a journal and newsletter.
The Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies
is at this address. The extensive table of contents indicates many interesting articles. They are not on-line, but may be obtained.
An elaborate book form multi-linked web site on Roman arms and armor based on Robinson's work at the Tower of London. Return to top


The Medieval Trust one of the largest collections of links to web sites on medieval history.
Valentine Armouries Historical Armour Index. The site is a commercial one advertising reproduction arms and armor, but the historical information there is quite plentiful.
Historical weapons This site sells a wide variety of arms and armor from all periods. The many illustrations make it worth the visit for anyone. They also have military prints with fine illustrations on line.
Medieval Weapons They sell all kinds of medieval weapons.
Arms of Valor Another maker of medieval weapons reproductions.
Valentine Armouries Another maker or reproduction arms and armor.
Blacksword Armoury Another maker of reproduction arms and armor, for many periods.
Higgins Armoury Museum This site has many illustrations or medieval armor
The Weapons Emporium They make ancient, medieval and Renaissance reproduction arms and armor.
Arador Armour Library A school project on medieval arms and armor. This has the most detailed descriptions of the construction of medieval armor I have found, including many illustrations and practical instruction on how to make replica armor today. There is a library of information on reproduction armor, books, discussion group, links to other places including various specialized merchants.
Graz Arsenal The Imperial arsenal at Graz was a major supply point for the defense of the frontier against the Turks. Now the magnificent collection is on view as a museum.
German armor museum Illustrations of exhibits.
British armories Here are links to several collections of arms and armor in Great Britain.
German heraldry unusual information
Khazars encyclopedia article about this important Turkic empire.
Charlemagne - the entry from 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica
Charlemagne - our essay on Frankish army.
Hastings battle
Hastings- 1066
Bouvines battle Durf McJoynt's study of this campaign.
Mongol Invasion of Europe. An article from Military History magazine.
Vikings including illustrations. This is one of the oldest reeneactment groups in England on medieval topics. I attended several of their events in 1974.
Russian armor
This is one of our own web sites. Illustrations and text describing medieval Russian armor from 10th to 17th centuries. Use the index and then go to the Russia section and then scroll to the medieval armor.
Russian medieval armor This is the excellent set of color postcards of medieval Russian armor, illustration by V. Semenov and text by Kirpichnikov.
Russian military chronology Our tables giving chronology of important military activities involving Russia and its neighbors from 8th century BC to 1800.
Knights Hospitaller
An interesting page that provides an entry point into the study of this and other orders of chivalry including their medieval past and also their current activities, most of which are in the humanitarian aid field.
The Bayeux Tapestry
This 240 ft long art work is presented in 35 consecutive GIF images plus some detailed photos of particular features such as William and Harold.
Crusades Durf McJoynt's page with maps and descriptions of the several campaigns.
French History site. This has excellent illustrations from contemporary manuscripts showing events during the French participation in the Crusades.
The Crusades.
A section from the "Catholic Encyclopedia" on the Crusades. Also has links.
Overview of crusade era
Crusades - links
Crusades - Orbis collection
Albigensian Crusade Durf McJoynt's research on this 'crusade' in France.
Mongol Invasion
The Hundred Years War Durf McJoynt's extensive research on this war.
Formigny battleDurf McJoynt's study of this important battle.
Castillion battle Durf McJoynt's study of this important 100 years war battle.
The Hundred Years War
A short, basic chronology of the war. Maps of France for years from 1337 to 1450 from the Centennia software program.
Joan of Arc Durf McJoynt's study of St Joan as a military commander.
Gunpowder weapons Durf McJoynt's study of early artillery - it is linked also to his page with study of non-gunpowder artillery of the middleages.
French medieval military The main page for Durf McJoynt's collection of studies on medieval France.
Recreating history reenactment group
Milities de Bec
A medieval reenactment group. But the web site has a register of societies worldwide with over 100 entries for all historical eras listed by period.


As with any topic one wants to research on the Web, castles poses a problem of definition for the search engine. If one uses keywords "castle and history" with Excite, for instance, the engine returns 1,743,343 hits, many of the top ones are for specific castles. With this in mind, if you know what castle in particular you want, use the name immediately. For instance, Kenilworth Castle returns 105 hits and even Deal Castle gets 10 sites. If you want information on castles in a particular country, then use that in the keywords. The following addresses have been found of some interest.
Castles on the Web Castles on the Web: This is truly a 'labor of love'. All you could want to know about castles including an extensive question and answer service. The volume of material here is expanding rapidly, but already includes photos and text descriptions, a glossary of castle terms, and much more. This is the first place to go for information on castles. It features special daily favorites.
Castles of the World The second of the comprehensive lists of links. This also runs a travel service with tours of castles. They ask visitors to tell them about other castles.
Castle tour A general tour of castles. Run by Castles of the World
ORB The ORB medieval history site bibliography listing of hundreds of books about castles.
Castles An essay about castles and how they were built and used.
Castles Article by David Dawson on British medieval castles from Encyclopedia Britannia.
Castles of Wales Some of the finest castles are located in Wales.
Castlepage This is created by Robert Palmer and concerns Wales. There are many nice photos of the selected castles.
More Welsh castles A different listing organized differently.
British castles Lots of fine castles here also.
British castles This is a tourist and travel site with great listings of castles in Great Britian.
More British castles Well, some of the same too, but this is a different listing.
Irish castles Links to castles in Ireland.
Portuguese castlesSome fine castles here.
Spanish castles These are in northern Spain
France - Loire valley Castles and chateau also in this famous region.
France - Province region These castles figured in the Cathar revolt in southern France.
Austria The Austrian castles are tourist attractions. A nice layout of pictures and links
Germany Some of these are now hotels.
Germany - Rhine Some fine castles high above the river.
Germany Another listing of castles in Germany.
More Germany Another listing of German castles
Italy Castles of Tuscany in northern Italy, beautiful graphics.
Torrione Castle: head-office of the Vialardi di Sandigliano Foundation and its Center for Humanities, is an unusual example of a northern Italian private fortress surviving from the Middle Ages with a dungeon built before 1147.
Romania Dracula's home here plus photos and links to some very interesting appearing castles.
Switzerland Swiss castles take advantage of mountains.
Poland Listing of castles with links to pictures
Poland A travel -tourist site showing some castles in southern Poland.
UkraineA list of castles with links to photos and text on each.
Kam'yanetz-Podilski Photography from our visit in 1997 plus aerial photos sent by friends from Ukraine. Also has text history of the city and castle. There is a link to another large set of photographs of Khotin castle.
Kamianets-Podilsky For an extensive history of this medieval fortress city once in Poland and now in Ukraine with photos of the castle and city fortifications. This also has discussion of current archeological projects being conducted there.
Russian castles and medieval fortifications. The central listing for the many castles and fortifications we have visited in Russia and Ukraine including Crimea. Photography is from visits in 1992, 93, 97, and 98.
Russian gorod In Russian, this describes castles and forts and other aspects of Russian medieval history.
Russian fortifications Created by Oleg Tul'nov, this is history of fortifications in Russia, text in Russian. It has an alphabetical index including many fortresses.
Russian military links. Most of these links, in Russian, are to reenactment groups, but it also has fortresses and military history.
Gorodetz medieval fortress on the Volga where Alexander Nevski died.
Levant A series of 70 pictures with maps showing locations of castles around Syria, Lebanon, Palestine region.
Japan This has an alphabetical listing of castles with links and also a map showing geographic locatoin. They have excellent photos from several photographers.
Castles of the World
Has much information on many castles including: Europe; Schloss Ambras, Anif, An Austrian Castle, Bratislava, Budapest Parliament, Devin, Hluboka N. Vltavou, Karlstejn, Konopiste, Cesky Krumlov, Powder Tower, Prague Castle, Hohensalzburg, Spielbergh Hrad. Japan: Himeji.
Fortress list with links to various fortresses as well as castles

Early Modern

Gorget & Sash
journal on Early Modern Warfare, articles and resources on warfare between 1500 and 1800.
Machiavelli Our study of the military theories of N. Machiavelli and summaries of Art of War and Discourses.
Russian wars Our tables showing the year-by-year conflicts between Russia and its neighbors from 1450 on.
Janissaries Article from Gorget and Sash on the Turkish Janissary corps.
Cossacks Article on the Cossacks in the 16-18 century.
War in Granada
this web site is being constructed by Durf McJoynt, the author of the recent military study of this war that culminated the 'reconquesta' of Spain.
Spanish Armada
English Civil War general overview article.
Gustavus Adolphus

The Historical Reenactment Web Site David Debono The Medieval Combat Society
Duke of York and Albany's Regiment of Foote. A unit dedicated to the reenactment of the military of Restoration England.
Moderne Aviso publication on early modern era reeanctments. The publication has ceased but this archive remains.
30 Years' War Lists many publications on this period
Northern Wars
from Daniel Schorr. Excellent web site on wars around the Baltic in 17-18th centuries.
The Great Northern War

The Russian army in the 17th century
Seven Years war - overview
Frederick the Great maps of operations.
The French and Indian War Homepage
Created by Larry Roux. Dedicated to the French side. It is being developed. There are links and bibliography.
Horse and Musket This is a wargamers page but with links to military history references. It has maps of 7 years war and Napoleonic war in Spain. There are also sketches by Detaille.
Discriminating General This site is focused on the Seven Year's War, American Revolution and Napoleonic periods. Ithas links to reenactment units, arrticles, good pictures and reproduction gear and uniforms.

American Revolution

American history from colonial to modern This is the Univ of Groningen in Netherlands project with massive archive of hpertexted documents on US history including lots on the American revolution.
Bibliography on American Revolution. At US Army Military Research center at Carlisle Barracks.
Battle of Saratoga
Continental Army War of American Independence: Lineages of the Units of the Continental Army. The 177 lineages cover every permanent unit of the Continental Army, the regular force under the control of the Continental Congress, the first national government. Graphics files include outline maps which show each state and its county boundaries in effect on 4 July 1776; an outline map of the United States showing the geographical boundaries of the various territorial departments established by the Continental Congress as command and control headquarters; a diagram of how an infantry regiment deployed for battle under Friedrich Steuben's Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Army of the United States, Part I (the so-called "Blue Book"); and diagrams of selected regimental organizational structures. Other charts and appendices published in the 1983 volume and updated bibliographies appear as text files.
First Virginia Regiment Very old reenactment unit for American Revolutionary War
French Army in America
Durf McJoynt's research on the French Army that greatly assisted the American Revolutionary war.
a nice map showing locations of battles on the continent.


French Revolution
extensive coverage including lots on King Louis XVI..
There are dozens of web sites about Napoleon, his campaigns, battles like Waterloo and Borodino and more A search of goggle or other search engines will turn up more than one can handle. However, here are a few that seem worth while.
Napoleon Organization It has books, links and lists of museums
Napoleonic Society They have a museum ain Clearwater FL and haveannual meetings and a annual tour to Napoleon sites in Europe.
Xenophon Napoleon page Our own place for articles, pictures and entries from Encyclopedia Britannica.
The British Army museum has section on Napoleonic era
The French army museum has section on Napoleon.
Napoleonic Literature
Created by John Schneider. This has lovely graphics. It is a general reference to a very extensive list of books on the subject.
Napoleonic Museum
An advertisement for a museum in Cuba.
The Invasion of Russia
At the Official Russian Tourist Office. This is a brief summary of the campaign.
Napoleonic Brigade
maintained by B. Teefy, this is a web page for American reenactors of the Napoleonic period.
Kutuzov Biography and pictures from the Kutuzov room in the Artillery museum in St Petersburg.
Borodino Panorama museum in Moscow Just a cover page with address, but it has a few pictures from the panorama on line.
BorodinoRussian museum about Borodino battle
Russian campaign This very interesting site in Russia has section with pictures of the Russian generals at Borodino plus a book on the campaign and a book of uniforms of the Russian army of the period.
Borodino battle An interesting exercise in graphic design by Jongsook Kim at U of Texas. His complete site on the 1812 campaign is at
1812 campaign in Russia
March into Russia Emin Saglamer's description of the 1812 cxampaign with illustrations.
Baron Lejeune This site has full text of Baron Lejeune's memoir on the battle of Borodino.
Our own Photographs of the battlefield and items in three museums as well as of Russian reenactment society members. Now added are chronologies and a narrative of the entire campaign.
Russians and Prussians Steve Eck has a site devoted mostly to illustrations of uniforms, but also it has sections on tactics and other aspects of the Napoleonic wars.
Waterloo battle The official Waterloo battle site maintained by the local Belgian communities. It includes a nice picture of the full panorama painting.
Waterloo battle A good site on this battle.
Waterloo battle account Full text from Hutchinson Family encyclopedia plus links to related essays
Waterloo battle article The Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia article on Waterloo.
Uniforms This has extensive coverage of the uniforms of all the armies participating in the Napoleonic wars. Some parts are still under construction.Return to top

19th Century

Journal of the War of 1812
This also covers other military events up to the 1840's. This is a description of a journal with instructions on how to subscribe.
19th century British India Texts and illustrations of the British and Indian army.
Russian army uniforms This is our collection of color pictures of Russian army uniforms from the 1840's.

Mexican War
from Historiaen Red, has some text, documents and images of this war.

Crimean War For extensive photography of the battlefields and descriptions of the battles as well as reprints of some paintings and books on the war."
Plevna Battle Our description of this battle with maps.

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American Civil War

TeachPDLaw's Research World This is a web site on the whole course of American history, but the Civil War section is especially strong. The author is an expert on the war.
United States Civil War Center
At Louisiana State University. This is one of the most comprehensive sites.
U.S. Civil War Center -- Index of Civil War
Information available on the Internet organized by subject categories.
Civil War Page
Created by Janke at Dakota State University. It has extensive web links organized by categories
Civil War Battles by State
lists of battlefields administered by the National Park service
Civil War battlefields in VirginiaThis list created by the National Park service of Civil War battlefields in Virginia that are not administered by the NPS
Flags of the Confederacy
Shows the various flags used during the Confederacy.
Union Soldier In The Civil War
Created by Michael Vasile to show the life and times of Union soldiers.
Civil War- Charleston,
Layout Page providing information about the Civil War in Charleston, including notices about events.
Kansas Heritage Collection
A general web site on the state, but includes information on the Civil War in that state.
prison web site created by Gary Waltrip. Shows the horror of war prisons.
Civil War Medicine
An article at the University of Toledo Library
Manassas battle reenactment The reenactment for 140th annicersary will take place Aug 2-5 at Wright Farm near Leesburg VA. This should be one of the largest and best of the year. Return to top

20th Century

Trenches on the Web An excellent and extensive archive of material on World War I.
The World War I Document Archive

Great War Society
includes a good collection of links and a fine basic bibliography of recent books. They also do tours of Europe that highlighting battlefields and museums They're doing Flanders and Italy this spring/fall respectively.
The World War I Document Archive
has texts of documents like the Hague Convention, and the Peace Treaty of Versailles, and biograhical dictionary of participants in the conflict.
Russian uniforms of Nicholas II - 1910. These color diagrams show the parade and field uniforms of the Russian army as depicted in Colonel Shenk's book "Tablitsi form' obmundirovaniya russkoi armii."
Russo Finnish Winter war Preceded main campaigns of World War II
German invasion of Yugoslavia Not well known but important theater of war

World War Two Studies Association web site. Their quarterly is an indispensable reference guide to archives and what is being published currently. They are developing an expanding bibliography.
on World War II. It has many first hand accounts.
WWII time linea search for people related to the war
Time line for World War II Useful too keep chronology straight
Desert War A German after action account of Rommel's campaigns in North Africa in WWII.
PanzerarmyGerman army in World War II
Panzer page More information compiled on German armored forces
Operation Barbarossa On the initial campaign in 1941
War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
This Exhibit features images from approximately forty photographs taken for the War Relocation Authority and vividly depicts life in Arizona's two camps. Excellent historical document.
World War II Information
This has unit histories, book lists, and they sell software CDROM information on WWII. It is mostlyu links and lists of other places.
World War II history Russian web site with wide variety of information
WWII histories The "Green Books" and other Center of Military History publications are in the Online Books section.
World War II information A Dutch web site that has compiled lots of history.
Factbook on USSR General information on Soviet Union during World War Ii
Order of Battle World War II for all the armies on both sides.
Soviet Archives on WWII Index to archive material.
Red Army information Variety of information on Soviet WWII army
Soviet Order of battle more detailed information on units.
TM30-430 - reprint of the US technical manual on the Red Army
World War II Index Has lots of data including on characteristics ofarmored vehicles.

Bataan Death March
Accounts of participants.
Corregidor This has links to various topics related to Corregidor and Battan
Grolier WWII
Has links as well as text.
U.S. Third Armored Division This is the main page for the division veterans. The museum is at http://www.3ad.net
China Burma India theater, a super site on this major war theater.
Pacific theater WWII An expanding site with information divided into convenient subject categories.
Korean War
U. S. Army Center of Military History web page has the full text (with footnotes) posting of James F. Schnabel, _Policy and Direction: The First Year_ (Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, 1992). This is the first volume of CMH's U.S. Army in Korea series.
Sixties Project Viet Nam Generation, Inc
Covers all aspects of the culture of the 60's.
Vietnam Era
Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Database
VietNam War
Bibliography prepared by Dr Edwin Moise, very extensive, organized by topics.
Vietnam Veterans' Home Page
Established to honor veterans of this war.
Bangaladesh War
of 1971. with illustrations and text description of this relatively little studied war
US Army Center of Military History
Recent addition includes 16 maps of Desert Storm.
Gulf War Veterans Resources
At Military Connections along with lots of other topics
Gulf War
a comprehensive, regularly updated bibliography of the Gulf War from the Center of Military History web site.
The Naval Historical Center
in Washington DC. The homepage contains information about the Center, including its location, collections, and hours of operation. It also includes information on the topics that generate the most inquiries to the Center, including the development of naval aircraft markings, photographic sources, bibliographies, and even the Bermuda Triangle.
Contemporary Conflicts
From the War and Peace and Security group in Canada. Has map showing areas in which there are wars now. Has hot links and an alphabetical topic list.
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Equipment and technology

Panzer Corps
This site has many photographs of tanks, mostly Russian, together with useful descriptions of their design and main characteristics.
Tanks on the Prowl is devoted to armored warfare.
Tanks and more tanks
Japanese weapons This descxribes with illustrations weapons since 1500's to 1945
Battlefields Russian military history page called Battlefields has links being built to many types of military history but especially to armor and artillery.
East Front Web Ring. Is one location in a ring of 44 web sites on armor in World War II.
Armor Pictures Excellent site.
Armored trains in use in Baltic states between WWI and WWII
Finland Parola Museum Finland has interesting armor museum
Polish armor between WWI and WWII Another obscure topic
Armor archivetries to list all the places were armor can be found.
Kubinka The Russian Museum of Armored Forces has some very rare vehicles now on display.
Kiev Military museum This outdoor museum has a variety of Russian military vehicles and artillery pieces from the 1930's to 80'.
Soviet guns 1920-1945 Extensive descriptions of artillery
Guns versus armor 1939 - 1945 This has data for comparison of types of armor and artillery.
Russian modern weapons from Russian exhibition in 1999
Galaxy Catalog Military Site List
Has some color illustrations on line.
Railway guns museum Includes some of the massive guns from World War II.
Rail, Sea and Air Homepage
Elaborate graphics including great photos of aircraft and ships. This has much valuable text as well. It is mostly about naval history
Sea Lion Submarine Journal
created by Richard Brown with many texts and links.
Sea'n Air
Devoted to navy and air force with pictures.
Attack on the USS Liberty
dedicated to survivors and those killed in this attack.
San Diego Aerospace Museum
A large museum has some exhibits on line.
The Air University
The Air Force command school and university.
Ghosts On-Line
by Philip Makanna has good aviation photography
B24 Veterans Group
maintains an International list of aviation museums on the web.
the largest and oldest aviation server on the Web. Besides a large number of links to other aviation sites, including databases like the US N-number registrations, US Pilot database, Service Difficulty Reports, as well as training aids for US Pilots Licenses (test questions, Practical Test Standards).
Global aerospace
is a collection of quality aerospace links from around the globe arranged by topic.
The Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association
Born in the crucible of the Vietnam War the organization continues to: 1. support the families of POWs though a scholarship program, and 2. be articulate advocates of airpower.
Fox Planes They sell model airplanes and aviation collectibles.
WAE - History, Military History, and Aviation CD ROM Catalog
Featuring CD ROM titles dealing only with history, military history, and aviation, WAE's catalog also has graphics, links, message boards and articles.
Selected photos from the large Russian aviation museum near Moscow are shown at this web page.
Airforce museum at Monino
A Russian web page about this famous aviation museum.
The Memorial Museum
of cosmonautics Moscow.
Team Redstone
Hypermedia Historical Information on redstone arsenal.
ACHTUNG! PANZER The Homepage of the Washington Armor Club go to see expert model builders and their work
Model tank page for more on building tank models
Historical Reenactment
central listing service for this subject.
Wisconsin Veterans
Museum homepage
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