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This table started out as a very preliminary and fragmentary listing of dates and events related to the history of Crimea. Since Crimea is a place and not a nation or state, its history is that of a large number of separate peoples (societies) who inhabited various parts of the area at various times. Crimea was the trade crossroads of the ancient and medieval world between north and south and between east and west. Its history was closely tied to the struggles between powerful contending parties, even empires, and was affected by battles that took place far from its shores. For this reason we decided to include the names and dates for the major political personages (Byzantine emperors, Ottoman sultans, Russian princes, Tatar khans et cetera) and events in surrounding regions. As we expanded the lists we decided to incorporate also several other chronologies we had on Rus and Mongol military activities. The original chronology has now expanded so much that we have seen the need to break it down into sections, both for quicker loading and so that readers can jump immediately to the century of their current interest. The chronology is expanding all the time. And we are beginning to create the necessary links between the important leaders found in the chronology and their biographies in the geneological tables of Russian rulers. Please use the links below to view the individual sections.


Prehistoric period to 1 BC - 1AD - chronbc
1 AD to 900 AD - chron900
10th century - chron10cen
11th century - chron11cen
12th century - chron12cen
13th century - chron 13cen
14th century - chron 14cen
15th century - chron 15cen
16th century - chron 16cen
17th century - chron 17cen
18th century - chron 18cen


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