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He was the second son of Vasilii Romanovich, appanage prince of Sugor. He became appanage prince of Shyelyeshpansk. His son was Ivan, prince of Shyelyeshpansk. The family is shown on this chart.
The Shyelyeshpanski udel was divided out of the Sugorovski udel in the second half of the 14th century. Afanasii received the southern part of the votchina, the center of which was the village Shelyshpan'. But Afanasii was not only the first but also the last independent ruler of this udel. His son, Ivan went into Muscovite service. His descendent, prince Andrei Yur'yevich Sheleshpanski, was a service prince at the court of Ivan III, who supported the grand princess Yelena Ivanovich on her journey to Vilnus. The independence of the Sheleshpanski udel ended about 1390, but the Sheleshpanski princely family lasted into the 17th century.


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