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House of Gleb Vasil'kovich bio of Demyan Glebovich bio of Ivan Fedorovich bio of Ivan Vasil'yevich bio of Semyon Vasil'yevich bio of Afanasii Vasil'yevich bio of Yuri Vasil'yevich bio of Fedor Romanovich bio of Vasilii Romanovich bio of Fedor Mikhailovich bio of Roman Mikhailovich bio of Mikhail Glebovich

The family tree begins with Gleb Vasil'kovich, grandson of Konstantin Vsyevolodovich. While his father, Vasil'ko, and grandfather, Konstantin Vsyevolodovich III, ruled Rostov, Gleb started the branch of the family that held Beloozero for six generations. Please move your cursor over the names to identify which ones are linked directly to short biographical descriptions. All the biographical files are in turn linked to fathers and sons, so that one could move from Rurik right through the family in all its branches to Fedor Ivanovich.


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