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He was the son of Mikhail II Yaroslavich, grand prince of Tver, and sometimes grand prince of Vladimir, and Anna Dmitrievna, princess of Rostov. He became grand prince of Tver in 1326 to 1327, again 1337 - 1339, and was grand prince of Vladimir 1326 - 1327. After he fled Tver he was prince of Pskov from 1327 to 1337. He married in 1320 with Anastasia. Their sons were Lev, crown prince of Tver, who died without heirs; Fedor (1320-1339) crown prince of Tver who died without heirs; Mikhail; grand prince of Tver; Vsyevolod, appanage prince of Kholm; Andrei (after 1320 - 1366), appanage prince of Zubtsov, who married Yevdokia but apparently had no heirs; Vladimir (1320 - 1366), crown prince of Tver who died without heirs; and their daughters were Maria, who married Semyon Ivanovich, grand prince of Moscow; and Yu'yana. The family is shown on this chart.

In 1326 Aleksandr received the yarliks for Tver and Vladimir. In 1327 there was a major uprising in Tver in which the townspeople killed Chol-Kan, the Kahn's cousin. Ivan I of Moscow took advantage of this event to gain the Khan's favor by offering to lead a Tatar army against Tver. Ivan's Muscovite and Tatar army sacked Tver while Aleksandr fled with his family to Pskov. Despite great pressure the Pskov notables elected him their prince. Ivan followed with the Tatar army. Aleksander then fled to Lithuania in 1329. He returned to Pskov in 1331 with Lithuanian support. In 1337 the Khan called him back to Sarai and gave him back the yarlik for Tver. But by 1339 Ivan I managed to persuade the Khan to call for Aleksander again and execute him.
1325 - Dmitrii kills Yuri II at Sarai and is executed by khan - yarlik for grand prince Vladimir goes to Aleksandr.
1327 - anti-tatar uprising at Tver, Ivan I brings Tatar army of 50,000 to sack city. Alexandr flees to Pskov and then to Lithuania.
1331 - Aleksandr returns to Pskov as prince, then khan gives him back Tver by replacing his brother, Konstantin.
1339 - Aleksandr is executed by khan.


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