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In 1326 Aleksandr Mikhailovich received the yarlik for Tver and Vladimir. But there was an uprising in Tver in 1327 and Ivan I of Moscow took advantage to bring Tatar troops to drive Aleksandr out. Aleksandr fled to Pskov and theen to Lithuania in 1329. He returned to Pskov in 1331. In 1337 he received the yarlik of Tver again until 1339 when Ivan again prevailed on the khan to execute Aleksandr.


1247 - 1272Yaroslav III Yaroslavich
1272 - 1285 Svyatoslav Yaroslavich
1285 - 1317Mikhail II Yaroslavich
- 1326-27; 1337 - 39; - Aleksandr Mikhailovich
- Konstantin Mikhailovich
- Mikhail Alkesandrovich
- Vladimir Aleksandrovich
- Ivan Mikhailovich
- 1425 - Aleksandr Ivanovich
Boris Aleksandrovich
d. 1455 - Aleksandr Borisovich


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