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He was a son of Vladimir Rurikovich, grand prince of Kyiv. He became appanage prince of Vyazma. He married a daughter of his cousin, Mstislav Romanovich Starii, prince of Kyiv. Their sons were Vasilii, appanage prince of Vyazma; Fedor, and Ivan, princes of Vyazma. Andrei died in battle against the Mongols at Kalka River but his descendents were princes through five more generations. The family is shown on this chart.
Vyazma is still an important city near Smolensk on the Vyaz'ma river. The date of its founding is not known but it probably was by the 10th century where the Finno-Ugric tribes lived. The first mention of Vyazma in the chronicles dates late, in 1300. In the early 13th century Vyaz'ma was in the Dorogobuzh udel. It was split off as an independent government for Andrei Dolgo Ruki. Eventually the principality fell into control of Lithuania but Andrei's descendents held the town until 1403 when it was besieged by Muscovite army. At that point the local princes lost the right to govern a udel and entered into service as Moscow princes.


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