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10th century

Chersonesus still most important center in Tavrida, controls region extending along coast to Sudak and Gothia klimata.

901-907 AD

Emperor Leo the Wise has list of Archbishops - Chersonesus, Bospor, Gothia, Sugdaia, Phullae.

902 AD

Varangian Rus mentioned serving in Byzantine naval expedition to Crete. Rus also serve Khazars and mercenaries.


903 AD

Chronicle dates marriage of Igor and Olga, Scandanavian princess from Pskov. First mention of Pskov, but village existed there before.


906 AD

Kingdom of Moravia disolved in defeat by Hungarians


904-7 AD

Chronicle reports Oleg campaign from Kyiv against Byzantium -draws troops from as far as Chud tribes - result new peace treaty, but this is not in Byzantine sources .


909 AD

With Varyag allies the Rus druzhina captures Khazar fort Abezgun on the Caspian.


911 AD

Peryeyaslavl founded south of Kyiv


911-2 AD

Second Treaty between Oleg, (Kyiv Rus) and Byzantium. Text included in Russian chronicle.

912-13 AD

Alexander II, Byzantine emperor.

912-45 AD

Igor, Prince of Kyiv.

912-3 -59 AD

Constantine VII, Porphyrogenitus, Byzantine emperor - same list of Archbishops.

913 AD

Prince Igor campaign via Crimea and Tmutorakhan to Caspian.

914 AD

Prince Igor campaign across Caucasus, victorious Rus troops ambushed by Khazars on return trip.

915 AD

Pecheneg appear before Kyiv for first time in force. Prince Igor signs peace treaty with them establishing a frontier between the Don and Dniester.

920 AD

War between Pecheneg and Igor of Kyiv.


920-29 AD

St Wenceslas, duke of Premysl in Moravia- Bohemia.


920-44 AD

Romanus I, alternate Byzantine emperor.

922 AD

Ibn-Fadlan, embassy from Arabs to Volga Bolgar, Bolgars want alliance with Abbasids against Khazars.


929 -67 AD

Wenceslas killed, Boleslav I conducts was with Germans, Slovaks, Moravians and Poles.


942 AD

Bulgarians (Symeon) attacks Croats and is defeated. His son, Peter, becomes ruler of Bulgarians.


935-41 AD

Igor (Ingvar) unsuccessful Kyivan Rus naval campaign against Byzantium, defeated by naval use of "Greek fire". Possibly instigated by Khazars.


937 AD

Uglich founded


943 AD

Kyivan Rus campaign of Igor Rurikovich against Khazars via Sudak and Tmutorakhan across Caucasus, initially successful, but later defeated.

944-45 AD

Chronicle notes - Igor campaign to Danube, he first signs alliance with Pecheneg, threatens war against Byzantium. Subsequent treaty with Byzantine empire includes conditions on Crimea prohibits Rus attack on Chersonesus -Rus want Byzantine silk, Rus trade with Pecheneg important. Treaty lists many Scandinavian names in delegation. But campaign may be myth.

945-64 AD

Igor's Varangian druzhina demands campaigns to collect booty. He leads them against Derevlaians. After Igor killed by Derevlians at Iskorosten, his widow, (Helga) Olga, Regent ruler of Kyiv for son, Svyatoslav. She captures Iskorosten and collects tribute. Her capital is at Vyshgorod. Pecheneg control Dniper rapids.

945 AD

Control of Crimea disputed between Svyatoslav and Khazars - Prince Svyatoslav attacks Chersonesus.


946 AD

Renewal of peace treaty between Rus and Byzantine Empire.


947 AD

Olga establishes trading posts and collects tribute as far as Novgorod and Msta and Luga rivers.


950 AD

Constantine Porphyrogenitus writes that Patzinaks occupy Russia and Crimea - Patzinaks replace Khazars in north Crimea steppe, Byzantines regain power over Goths at Doros (Mangup-kale).


954-57 AD

(Chronicle dates this trip to 948-55- Byzantine record is 957) Olga visits Byzantium, converts to Christianity.


954 AD

Rus troops in Byzantine army in Syria which lost battle of Hadath.


955 AD

Otto I, Saxon King of Germany defeats Hungarians, opening vacuum into Balkans.


956-64 AD

Svyatoslav beginning to conduct military operations. He travels to Oka River to learn about Vyatichians.


959 AD

Olga contacts King Otto I, asks for German bishops. Bishop sent in 962.


959-63 AD

Romanus II, Byzantine emperor.


960-92 AD

Mieszko I Piast, first ruler of Poland, becomes Christian in 966.


960-61 AD

Byzantine war in Syria leaves Crimea vulnerable.


962 AD

Khazars attack Mangup in attempt to control Goths and Alans. (Do Goths from Mangup send to Svyatoslav seeking aid?)

963-69 AD

Nicephorus II, Byzantine emperor.

964-72 AD

Svyatoslav I - prince of Kyiv.

965 AD (960?)

Byzantine governor (strategos) of Chersonesus asks Svyatoslav for aid against Khazars - Svyatoslav campaign to Don - enroute he attacks Volga Bolgars - He raids Belya Vesh, Itil and Sarkel and Tmutorakhan, captures Chersonesus also. He possibly signed agreement with Pecheneg before crossing their territory. He allies with Ozhuz (Torks) for campaign. One purpose is to gain tribute from Viatchi on Oka by removing their Khazar overlords. He also conquers Yasians and Kasogians in Taman-Kuban area.

966-67 AD

Svyatoslav campaign into Bulgaria to Danube taking 80 towns. - First peace treaty signed at Preslav on Danube

967 AD

Nicephorus campaign against Bulgars

967-8 AD

Byzantines arrange for Pecheneg to attack Kyiv to open campaign behind Svyatoslav. He rushes back and Pecheneg retire.


967-99 AD

Boleslav II of Bohemia continues war with Germany and Poland.


968 AD

Svyatoslav campaign against Volga Bolgars and Khazars.

969 AD

Second Bulgar war, Pecheneg besiege Kyiv. Svyatoslav hurries to defend city.


969-76 AD

John Tzimiskes Byzantine Emperor..


969-76 AD

Archbishops - Chersonesus, Gothia, Sugdaia, Bospor, Phullae.


970's AD

Polotsk now important trade and transship point with Scandinavian lord, Gnezdovo also becoming important. Baltic trade shifting more from Volga - Central Asia to Dneper - Byzantium.


970 AD

Svyatoslav appoints his sons as governors - Yaropolk in Kyiv and Oleg in Dereva. Novgorodians ask for governor so he sends young Vladimir and Vladimir's uncle Dobrynya.


970 AD

Pecheneg and Hungarians participate initially on Svyatoslav's side in campaign against Byzantium. He burns Philippopolus - Peace treaty Rus and Byzantium. also treaty Rus and Bulgars (Tsar Boris II and Prince Svyatoslav).

971 AD

Svyatoslav renews war and loses battle (siege) at Dorostol (Arcadiopolis) against Byzantine John Tzimisces, he is forced to sign treaty with them. Byzantine fleet on Danube and cavalry overland. Svyatoslav starts return trip, forced to delay by Pecheneg control of Dniper.

972 AD

Svyatoslav is ambushed and killed by Pecheneg warriors at Dniper rapids. They were likely incited to do this by Byzantines.

976-78 AD

Yaropolk I Svyatoslavich, prince of Kyiv, attacks brother, Oleg, at Ovruch. Oleg dies during siege. Vladimir flees Novgorod for Scandinavia to recruit Varangian troops.

972 AD

Rus- Byzantine peace treaty, Rus pledge not to attack Chersonesus.


970's? AD

Rogvald, Norse Prince sets up rule at Polotsk, Tur, sets up near Pripet river (Turov).


976 - 1025

Basil II, Byzantine Emperor.


976 AD

Yaropolk Svyatoslavich war against Pecheneg ends with big victory for Rus.

977 or 79 AD?

Yaropolk brings Pecheneg prince Ildeu into service?

978 - 1015 AD

Vladimir I Svyatoslavich, Prince of Kyiv, he brings 6000 Varangian Norse with him, regains Novgorod, then besieges Rogvald and takes Polotsk, kills Rogvald and sons, marries Rogneda, marches south taking towns to Kyiv. Yaropolk flees to Pechenegs.

978 AD

After killing Yaropolk, his boyar, Baryazhko, flees to Pecheneg; war follows and then conclusion of a final peace treaty. Vladimir assigns his uncle Dobrynia to Novgorod.


980 AD

Turov founded


981 AD

Bulgars Samuel II, defeat Byzantine army (Basil II), Empire now too weak to defend Chersonesus and Crimea from Khazars


981 AD

Vladimir I campaign againt Lyashski land and Cherven and Peremishl Karpatski to control routes to Prague and Cracow, also subdues Viatichi (983) Radimichi (984) and Yatviagians (a Prussian tribe called Sudauer or Sudovians) (984).


981-85 AD

Vladimir I campaigns into Khazar Khaganate.


984 AD

Treaty between Kyiv and Volga Bolgar.


985 AD

Vladimir's first campaign against Volga Bolgars with Dobrynia's druzhina from Novgorod. Then new peace treaty.


987-8 AD

Vladimir assists Byzantine emperor Basil II with 6000 troops in civil war against Bardas Skleros and Bardas Phocas - beginning of Varangian Guard.


988 AD

Vladimir in Volinia founded.


988 AD ?

Pecheneg prince Metiga enteres Kyivan service of Vladimir.

988-9 AD

Prince Vladimir captures Chersonesus, is baptized, marries Byzantine princess Anna and returns city to Byzantium - He sends his son, Mstislav to rule Tmutorokan on Taman Penn.

989 AD

Varangian troops win battle of Abydos on 13 April for Basil II.


989 AD

Peace treaty between Rus and Stefan I of Hungary as part of general treaty with Polish King.


989 AD

Beginning of another intermitant Kyivan- Pecheneg war. Kyivans build frontier defenses and fortified frontier towns. Fortify Belgorod and Periaslavl and 100 forts and towns, inner set of forts around Kyiv.


991 AD

Vladimir I campaign against white Khorvat tribe. He founds Belgorod and resettles population to south.


992 or 93 AD

Pecheneg campaign against Rus, battle on the Trubezh river near Peryeyaslavl. Russian victory by Vladimir I and then three year truce with Pecheneg. In thanksgiving Vladimir founds Peryeyaslavl.


992-1025 AD

Boleslav I, The Brave, Organizes Polish government, comquers Pomerania, Silesia, Moravia, Cracow.


994-6 AD

About 6 August, Pecheneg, seeking revenge, attack on Vasilevo town near Kyiv and almost capture Vladimir while defeating his druzhina.

997 AD

Chronicle reports about war with Pecheneg who capture some fortified posts and besiege Kyiv. Vladimir campaigns to Novgorod. Second Vladimir campaign against Volga Bolgars. Pecheneg besiege Belgorod. Vladimir begins construction of the extensive "zemiv val" earthen and log palisade fortification lines across steppe routes along the Sula, and Trubyzh rivers and Irpen river and Stugna river right bank Dniper. Vladimir resettling people from north into region south of Kyiv, 500 kms of ramparts. Major fort at Voin.


998 AD

Peace treaty between Vladimir I and Stefan I Ugorski, Boleslav I Khrabri great Poland, and Boleslav II Bogemski.


999 AD

Varangian troops in Byzantine army capture Emesa in Syria.


999 AD

Boleslav the Brave of Poland conqueres Silesia, Moravia and Cracow for from Bohemia.


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