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1000 - 1150 AD

There are 20 changes of prince at Kyiv involving 16 princes with average rein of 7.5 years.


1000 AD

Varangian troops in Byzantine campaign in Armenia.

1000 AD

Byzantine success against Bulgars in war with Tsar Samuel in Macedonia, with Varangian Guard.


1001 AD

Vladimir's son, Izyaslav, dies at Polotsk. Izyaslav is succeeded by Bryachislav. This family line continues to rule Polotsk.


1001 AD

Battle with Pecheneg. Their khan Rodman captured POW along with three of his sons.?


1010 AD

Yaroslavl founded


1011-14 AD

Basil's army with Varangians in Italy to quell uprising, they capture Bari.

1013 AD

Creation of Polish-Pecheneg alliance directed against Rus. Their united campaign against Rus under command of Polish prince Bolyeslav I. Then peace treaty with Bolyeslav.

1014 AD

Bulgars defeated, Byzantines return attention to Chersonesus, Khazars attempt diplomatic maneuvers to retain control.

1015 AD

Division of western part of Khazar empire between Rus (Kyiv) and Byzantine Empire. Byzantines retake Crimea and Rus gains control of north Black Sea coast. - Reports on appearance of Pecheneg on Rus borders. Russian troops under command of prince Boris Vladimirovich campaign against them, but no contact or battle occurs. Vladimir sends son, Mstislav Udaloi, as governor of Tmutorakhan.


1015 AD

Vladimir dies, his eldest son, Svyatopolk, whose wife is daughter of Boleslav I, is in prison, son Boris of Rostov is on campaign against Pecheneg, son Gleb is at Murom, son Svyatoslav is in Derevlian land and son Yaroslav is at Novgorod. Vladimir was on the point of attacking Yaroslav because the latter was not paying tribute to Kyiv. Yaroslav was busy hiring Varangians.


1015-19 AD

Svyatopolk I, Vladimirovich, Okayannnii, prince of Kyiv, he has Boris, Gleb and Svyatoslav murdered, Yaroslav flees to get Varangian troops.

1015-16 AD

Svyatopolk Okayanni (Vladimirovich) signs treaty with Pecheneg trying to enlist them to help against other Kyivan princes. Yaroslav Vladimirovich leads Novgorod- Varangian druzhina against them and defeats them near Lubich on Dniper by forcing Svyatopolk's troops onto ice that breaks. Svyatopolk flees to Poland.


1015-30 AD

Struggle between sons of Vladimir creates deterioration of relations with Chud and Let tribes.


1016 AD

Kyivan Rus -Byzantine alliance in Crimea - Emperor Basil II sends fleet commanded by Admiral Mongos Andronikos against Khazars in Crimea with Rus aid captures leader, George Tsulus (Toulos), Byzantines regain Bospor and Kerch.


1018 AD

Svyatpolk arranges temporary alliance with Boleslav I Khrabri of Poland, Hungarians and Pecheneg against Yaroslav, returns to Kyiv in July,. Yaroslav is defeated and flees to Novgorod. Poles sack Kyiv. After Poles leave, Yaroslav returns with larger army and Svyatopolk flees again to Pechenegs.


1019-54 AD

Yaroslav I, Vladimirovich, (The wise) Prince of Kyiv. His brother, Mstislav, holds Tmutorakan. His nephew, Briacheslav Izyaslavich, holds Polotsk.

1019 AD

Svyatopolk again brings Pechenegs against Rus. Battle on Al'ta River, a tributary of the Trubesh. Decisive victory for Yaroslav Vladimirovich. Svyatopolk flees to Poland, dies enroute.



Vtibesk founded


1022 AD

Mstislav campaign against the Kasog tribe in Caucasus, he kills their leader, Rededia, using knife during a wrestling match.


1023-4 AD

Mstislav Vladimirovich moves army to Chernigiv, at Battle of Listven, Mstislav defeats Yaroslav. Yaroslav flees again to Novgorod.


1024 AD

Chronicle cites founding of Suzdal, but likely village there before.


1025-28 AD

Constantine VIII, Byzantine emperor.


1025-34 AD

Mieszko II, king of Poland, loses much territory to neighbors.


1026 AD

Archbishop Arseni of Sudak attends council in Constantinople.

1026 AD

Peace between Yaroslav and Mstislav Udaloi. Yaroslav returns to Kyiv with army. They decide to split lands, Mstislav will have left bank Dniper and land to Murom, and Yaroslav right bank plus Novgorod. Their brother, Sudislav, remains in prison.

1028-34 AD

Romanus III, Byzantine emperor

1028-50 AD

Zoe, Byzantine empress


1030 AD

Yaroslav I begins fortification on northern border - Yuriev (Tartu), Gersik (Yisik) to defend from incursions from overseas - Scandinavians who attack Polotsk on West Dvina - Polotsk princedom in war with Lets and Lithuanians on lower West Dvina, build fortress at Koknes.


1031 AD

Yaroslav I , takes Ruthenia from Poland, war of Kyiv Rus against Lyashski lands, Haraldr Sigurdarson arrives Kyiv serves Yaroslav in campaign against Kiasi and capture of Ceruin.


1031 AD

Yaroslav the Wise shifts the strategic defensive fortified line further south of Kyiv to the Ros River.


1032 AD

Kursk founded


1033-36 AD

Byzantine war with Pechenegs.

1034 AD

Pecheneg fall on Kyiv with large army but Rus defeat them near city on Setoml river, then Torks.


1034-40 AD

Civil war in Poland.


1034-55 AD

Bretislav I King of Bohemia, restores Moravia, takes Cracow in 1039, holds much of Poland.


1034-41 AD

Michael IV, Katallakos, Byzantine emperor.

1034 AD

Haraldr Sigurdarson arrives with Varangian detachment via Kyiv to Constantinople.

1036 AD

Mstislav Udaloi of Tmuktorokan and Chernigiv dies while hunting.

1036 AD

Last campaign of Pecheneg against Rus. Battle near Kyiv. Rus army under Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich delivers total destruction to Pecheneg so that in following 82 years they do not appear in chronicles. They move west out of the region between the rivers.

1037 AD

Period of Rus-Byzantine cooperation, Yaroslav and Emperor in military alliance against nomads, Rus maintains base at Tmutorakhan.


1038 -40 AD

Vladimir I campaign agasinst Yatvyagi, in Lithuania and Masovia.


1038-41 AD

Haraldr leads Varangians in Byzantine army campaign to Sicily and Italy..


1038-58 AD

Casimir I, restores Poland lands but is reduced in title from king to grand duke.


1041 AD

Emperor Henry III invades Bohemia .


1041-42 AD

Michael V, Byzantine emperor.

1041 AD

Varangians in Byzantine campaign in Bulgaria .

1042 AD

Haraldr departs Constantinople, marries Elazabeta Yaroslavna in Kyiv and returns to be king of Norway.

1042-55 AD

Constantine IX, Monomachos, Byzantine emperor, continual war with Normans in Italy, sends Varangians.


1043 AD

Yaroslav the Wise sends last Rus naval campaign against Byzantium, unsuccessful.


1044 AD

Briacheslav, independent ruler of Polotsk, dies, throne goes to his son , Vseslav.


1044 AD

Novgorod in Severia founded.


1045 AD

Constantine has 3000 Varangians in Abkhasia .


1047 AD

Yaroslav Vladimirovich war against Masovia on side of Kasimir I of Poland.


1048 AD

Varangians serve in Byzantine war against Pechenegs in Bulgaria.

1048 AD

Varangians and Normans sent to fight Seljuk Sultan Toghrul in Asia Minor, defend Manzikert.


1052 AD

Death of Yaroslav I , his will asks sons to cooperate peacefully, Svyatoslav at Chernigiv, Izyaslav at Kyiv, Vsyevolod at Peryiaslavl, Igor at Vladimir-in-Volynia, Viacheslav at Smolensk. Yaroslav's brother, Sudislav, still in prison, died 1063.


1054-78 AD

Izyaslav I Yaroslavovich, Prince of Kyiv (deposed short time in 1068).


1055 AD

Torks appear in Periayaslavl principality for first time.


1054-5 AD

Polovtsi arrive in Ukraine steppe between Volga and Don and western Don basin - first mention in chronicles.


1055 AD

Vsyevolod I Yaroslavich, then still prince of Pereyaslavl, runs into Tork advance detachment of Polovtsi and quickly judging the serious situation with the new powerful nomad group reaches agreement with Khan Bolush on territorial borders.


1055-56 AD

Theodora, Byzantine empress.

1056-57 AD

Michael VI, Stratioticus, Byzantine emperor, revolt led by Katakalon Cecaumenos in name of Isaac Comnenus, Varangians on both sides, Isaac's Varangians will battle at Petroe on 20 May 1057

1057-59 AD

Isaac I, Comnenus, Byzantine emperor


1057 AD

Viacheslav Yaroslavich dies, Igor Yaroslavich transfered to Smolensk, Igor dies 1060. Vsyevolod building up Periaslavl.


1058-79 AD

Boleslav II of Poland, supports Pope against German Emperor, fights Germans and Polish nobility, conquers Slovakia.


1059 AD

Emperor Isaac Commeni decree on strategos of Sudak and Chersonesus, may include Bospor also - Lev Aliat fortifies city with added defensive walls.

1059-67 AD

Constantine X, Byzantine emperor


1060 AD

First campaign of Rus prince's druzhina against Torks, led by Vsyevolod Yaroslavich


1060's AD

Uprising in Chersonesus.


1061-92 AD

Vratislav II, King of Bohemia, supports Emperor Henry IV in Italy.


1061-2 AD

Khazar territories as far as Dnepr fall to Polovtsi. - First mention of Polovtsi attack on Kyiv, they suddenly disregard the peace treaty and launch deep raids, especially into Vsyevolod I's Pereyaslavl principality in 1062


1063-1167 AD

Regular, nearly continuous intensive Polovtsi raiding campaigns against Rus, capturing cattle and slaves


1064 AD

Campaign against Rostislav from Tmutorakhan, Svyatoslav goes to Novgorod, war with Vsyeslav, obtains help from Emperor Constantine X Dukas.


1065 AD

Vseslav Briacheslavich unsuccessful campaign from Polotsk to take Pskov.



Varangians defend Otranto and Bari in Byzantine Italy against Normans, capture Taranto and Brindisi. Fight Robert Guiscard in naval battle off Brindisi


1066-7 AD

Vseslav Briacheslavich of Polotsk attacks Novgorod, drives Mstislav Izyaslavich out to Pskov. This is start of major internal warfare.


1066 AD

Rus chronicle mentions Rostislav at Tmutorakhan. He collects tribute from Kosogi, campaign to Caucasus and Crimea


1067 AD

Minsk founded


1067 AD

Vsyevolod, Izyaslav and Svyatoslav Yaroslavichi march against Vseslav, capture Minsk, then at battle of Nemiga defeat Vseslav who flees. After capture he and sons taken to Kyiv.


1068-71 AD

Constantine X dies, Eudoxia marries Romanus IV, as Byzantine emperor, he leads Varangians to attack Alp Arslan and capture Hieropolis .

1068 AD

Polovtsi attack Kyivan Rus, reaching Chernigiv. Three princes - Izyaslav I, Svyatoslav II and Vsyevolod I - unite against them but are defeated on Al'ta River. Svyatoslav retreats to Chernigiv, Vsyevolod and Izyaslav to Kyiv. Kyivans want Izyaslav to fight but he refuses, uprising then drives him out and frees Vseslav Briacheslavich and makes him prince. Izyaslav flees to Poland. Yaroslav makes agreement with Polovtsi. Svyatoslav defeats Polovtsi and captures khan. Svyatoslav sends his son, Gleb, to rule Novgorod.


1069 AD

Izyaslav returns with Polish army of Boleslav II, his wife, Gertrude's, nephew. Mstislav Izyaslavich kills Vseslav's supporters in Kyiv. Vseslav flees back to Polotsk where he dies in 1101. Gleb Svyatoslavich defends Novgorod from Vseslav. Izyaslav sends his son, Mstislav, to Polotsk but he dies so Svyatopolk Izyaslavich sent to Polotsk.


1070's AD

Communications between Kyiv and Chersonesus improve, local economy improves, but then trade shifting by Polovtsi to Bospor - Tmutorakhan towns

1071 AD

Great Seljuk Turk victory destroys Byzantine Army at Manzikert, Varangian guard die defending emperor Romanos IV.

1071 AD

Byzantine catepan Stephen Pateranos surrenders Brindisi and Bari to Normans, some Varangians depart or settle there.

1071-78 AD

Michael VII, Ducas, Byzantine Emperor, later abducted in a revolt.


1071 AD

Vseslav drives Sviatopolk Izyaslavich out of Polotsk.


1073 AD

Izyaslav again forced out of Kyiv, this time by Svyatoslav and Vsyevolod. Svyatoslav II, Yaroslavich, of Chernigiv, usurper at Kyiv. He now has both Kyiv and Chernigiv, and has sons at Novgorod and Tmutorokan.


1074 AD

First mention of Toropets, a strong fortress in the Smolensk principality.


1075 AD

Izyaslav goes to Emperor Henry IV and sends son, Yaropolk, to Pope Gregory VII seeking aid, but they are unsuccessful. Emperor and Pope have more important things on their minds. (Investiture controversy)


1076 AD

Svyatoslav II dies, Vsyevolod Yaroslavich takes throne in Kyiv.


1077 AD

Izyaslav returns and Vsyevolod gives him Kyiv and Izyaslav gives Vsyevolod Chernigiv, but Oleg Svyatoslavich contests this, wants his father's throne.


1078 AD

Izyaslav and Vsyevolod act together to drive Oleg out of Chernigiv , he flees to Tmutorokan. Gleb driven out of Novgorod and killed. Izyaslav's son, Sviatopolk sent to Novgorod.


1078 AD

Summer, Oleg Svyatoslavich brings Polovtsi to take Chernigiv; defeats Vsyevolod on 25 Aug on Sozh River near Periaslavl. Vsyevolod flees to Kyiv. In October Vsyevolod and Izyaslav together battle Oleg at Nezhatin Meadow by Chernigiv, Izyaslav killed (only prince killed in battle with relatives), but Oleg defeated so Vsyevolod wins all.


1078-93 AD

Vsyevolod I, Yaroslavich, Prince of Kyiv, but no longer has stature as Vladimir had. His sons, Vladimir Monomakh and Rostislav, hold inner cities but nephews hold outer circle of cities, Novgorod, Vladimir in Volynia and Tmutorokan where Oleg is with Roman.


1078-79 AD

Turov-Pinski princedom united to Kyivan Rus.


1078-81 AD

After Michael deposed, Nicephorus III, Botaniates, Byzantine emperor, by now many Saxons entering Varangian Guard.


1079 AD

Tmutorokan prince Roman Svyatoslavich attacks Periaslavl with Polovtsi troops but Vsyevolod pays to have him murdered. Then his brother, Oleg Svyatoslavich, becomes prisoner of Khazars who sell him to Byzantines thanks to bribe by Vsyevolod.


1079-1102 AD

Vladislav I, Hermann, brother of Boleslav II, becomes king of Poland again.


1080 AD

Torks, caught between Kyivans and Polovtsi, loose their independence and join one side or the other. Kyivans settle many along frontier.


1081 AD

Vsyevolod's agent, Ratibor, thrown out by David Igoryevich and Volodar Rostislavich, David's father is Vsyevolod's younger brother who died in 1060. Rurik Rostislavich's grandfather was Vladimir, Vsyevolod's older brother.


1081-1118 AD

Alexius I, Komnenus, attacks Constantinople, Nicephorus surrenders, Alexius becomes Byzantine emperor, needs more mercenaries. Leads Varangian guard to Dyrrhachium in August.

1082 AD

Trade monopoly through Byzantine empire held by Venice in exchange for aid against Norman Robert Guiscard, St Mark church receives tribute. Venice allowed into Black Sea. Guiscard defeats Alexis on 18 Oct. and most of Varangian Guard killed in battle.


1083 AD

Oleg Svyatoslavich returns from Rhodes to Tmutorakhan, rules there 10 years and then moves to rule Chernigiv when Polovtsi take Taman region. Svyatopolk Iziaslavich keps Novgorod. Yaropolk Iziaslavich keeps Vladimir in Volynia.


1085 AD

Vsyevolod sends his son, Vladimir Monomakh, against Yaropolk Iziaslavich at Vladimir in Volynia. Yaropolk's domain is given to David Igoryevich.


1086 AD

Yaropolk agrees with Vladimir Monomakh and returns to replace David, but then is murdered. David given Vladimir in Volynia again.


1087 AD

Archbishop of Sudak attends council in Constantinople.


1088 AD

Bolgars attack on Murom and capture it.


1088 AD

Svyatopolk Izyaslavich is moved from Novgorod to Turov. Vsyevolod sends his 12-yr old grandson, Mstislav to Novgorod as titular prince.


1089-99 AD

Georgian Tsar David IV paying tribute to Seljuk sultan while trying to strengthen his internal power position. Between 1099 and 1117 he stops payment and further strengthens power.


1091 AD

Vasil'ko Rostoslavich leads campaign against Poles and Hungarians.


1091 AD

Polovtsi (also called Cuman and Kypchak) cross Danube and destroy Pechenegs. Khan Maniak takes detachment clear into Thrace and smashes the last major Pecheneg horde for Byzantines. They control entire steppe from Volga to Danube, they have subdued the Khazars, Pecheneg and Oghuz (Torks).


1092 AD

The Polovtsi built Priluki on the Uda and Perevolochna and Pesochen on the Dnepr below Peshchani at the confluence of the Supi Kovran. They raid Rus river towns.


1092 AD

Vsyevolod I and Svyatopolk II begin to answer Polovtsi attacks with offensive campaign.


1092-1111 AD

Bretislav II, King of Bohemia


1092 AD

Anna Kommina reports, Chersonesus still important slave mart for Polovtsi - slaves sent east to Asia and west throughout Mediterranian - Byzantine Varangian naval campaign to Crete and Cyprus.


1092 AD

Vasilko Rostislavich uses Polovtsi to raid Poland.


1093 AD

Vsyevolod Yaroslavich dies, Vladimir Vsyevolodovich Monomakh invites his senior cousin, Svyatopolk Izyaslavich to take Kyiv without war. Vladimir keeps at Periaslavl and outer areas to north east that Vsyevolod gave him, Sviatoslavichi keep Chernigiv.


1093- 1113 AD

Svyatopolk II, Izyaslavich, Prince of Kyiv.


1093 AD

Learning of death of Vsyevolod Yaroslavich, Polovtsi send ambassador to Svyatopolk II to conclude a peace treaty. But Svyatopolk calls the ambassador a liar - Polovtsi besiege and sack his capital at Poros'ya on the Torchesk river. Vladimir Monomakh moves to Chernigiv, his brother, Rostislav moves to Periaslavl, Oleg Svyatoslavich in Tmutorakhan, David Sviatoslavich in Novgorod, Svyatopolk Izyaslavich keeps Turov as well as Kyiv. In May Rostislav drowns in Stuga during retreat from Polovtsi, Svyatopolk and Vladimir Monomakh escape. In July Svyatopolk looses another battle to Polovtsi. Oleg Svyatoslavich brings Polovtsi again toward Chernigiv.


1094 AD

Oleg's druzhina attacks Vladimir's on Chernigiv ramparts while his Polovtsi plunder the region. Vladimir retreats back to Periaslavl. Then Polovtsi burn Kyiv. Svyatapolk II enters into peace agreement with Khan Tugor and marries the Khan's daughter in 1095.

1094 AD

After this time no mention of Tmutorakhan as Polovtsi and Venice have trade control, Rus connection with Chernosesus broken, Sudak increasing as major Polovtsi city - also last mention of Khazars in Rus chronicles.


1095 AD

Ryazan founded.


1095 AD

David Svyatoslavich is sent to Smolensk, Novgorod reverts to Vladimir Monomakh's son, Mstislav. Oleg Svyatoslavich is driven out of Chernigiv again by Vladimir and Svyatopolk. Other Rus princes ignore the peace agreement. Izyaslav Monomakh is at Kursk and takes Murom. Oleg had held the town through an agent, so he retaliates at Rostov and Suzdal. This provokes Mstislav Monomakh at Rostov.


1096 AD

Polovtsi forces of Khans Kur and Tugor fall on Pereyaslavl town Ust'ye at the confluence of the Trubesh and Dnepr and on Kyiv. Vladimir Monomakh kills two Polovtsi leaders in battle. Khan Turog raids Periaslavl while Khan Boniak raids Kyiv and burns royal palace at Berestovo and sacks the three monasteries south of town. Oleg Svyatoslavich goes north to war against Vladimir Monomakh's sons, one is killed at Suzdal. Previously the north-eastern towns were remote and marginal, but now they are becoming more important economically and therefore of more political interest.


1096 AD

Sudak is major Polovtsi city.


1097 AD

Hungarian (Magyar) King Carloman intervention in Kyivan affairs.


1097 AD

Famous Liubich conference and agreement. Oleg Svyatoslavich again given Chernigiv as patrimony of his family, but his brother, David, rules. They are confirmed at Murom while Monomakh holds Rostov and Suzdal. Volodar Rostislavich has Periamyshl, Vasilko Rostislavich has Terebovl. But Vasilko is blinded by agents of Svyatopolk Izyaslavich and David Igoryevich. This starts a 3-yr war. Vladimir Monomakh persuades Svyatopolk II to leave David Igoryevich alone.


1097 AD

David Igoryevich Vladimirski sends Kyivan troops and Polovtsi Khan Bonyak's cavalry against Magyars. Polovtsi give Magyars a decisive defeat on the San River near Peremishl , this is precedent for Kyivan use of Polovtsi cavalry in war.


1099 AD

War of Kyivan principality in Volinya against Polish kingdom.


11th cent

Dorogobuzh and Starodub were founded during this century.


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