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Gleb was appanage prince of Minsk from around 1101, when on the death of his father, he received the town and region as his udel. He was the son of Vsyeslav Bryachislavich, prince of Polotsk. Gleb married about in 1090 with Anastasia, daughter of Yaroslav Izyaslavich, prince of Turov, and niece of Svyatopolk II, prince of Kyiv. Their sons were Rostislav, appanage prince of Minsk,; Vsyevolod, appanage prince of Izyaslav; Volodar (Vladimir) prince of Minsk. He fought his brother, David, prince of Polotsk, in 1116, in an effort to expand the Minsk territories eastward. In 1118 he was captured by Vladimir Monomakh and taken to Kyiv, where he died. He and his family are shown on this family chart.

1103-4 - David Vsyeslav and the southern Rus princes attack Gleb at Polotsk unsuccessfully.
1106 - Semigallian tribes defeat Gleb and others, who loose 9000 troops.
1108 - Gleb gives money for the Church refectory at the Cave Monastery in Kyiv


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