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The son of Bryacheslav Izyaslavich, Prince of Polotsk. His sons were David; Boris (prince of Drutsk); Gleb (prince of Minsk); Roman (prince of Polotsk); Rostislav; Svyatoslav (prince of Polotsk); and Rogvolod. The family is shown on this chart. His mother's and wife's names are not known. He was prince of Polotsk from about 1044 and by a quirk of fate prince of Kyiv in 1068, having been imprisoned there but then released by the population during an uprising. However, he is not listed in the line of princes of Kyiv. His imprisonment was due to his attack on Novgorod which prompted the three powerful brothers, Izyaslav I, Svyatoslav II, and Vsyevolod I to organize a campaign against him. The full tale is told in the section in Izyaslav I, since he was the ruling prince at Kyiv at the time. After defeating him in battle they invited him to a conference whereupon they took him prisoner to Kyiv. However, after he was placed on the throne, he was promptly chased from the city and fled back to Polotsk. Although he was unsuccessful in taking Novgorod, his descendents managed to keep Polotsk independent from the Kyiv-Novgorod axis.


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