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DAVID VSYESLAVICH (? - after 1129)


David was appanage prince of Polotsk (1101 - 1127). He was the son of Vsyeslav Bryachislavich, prince of Polotsk and usurper as prince of Kyiv. His sons were Bryachislav, appanage prince of Logosh'sk; and Boris, prince of Polotsk. The family is shown in this chart.
1103 - He participates in the successful allied Rus campaign into the steppe against the Polovtsi.
1104 - David fights his brother, Gleb, prince of Minsk, who was attempting to expand his domain into Polotsk territory, while David was attempting to reunite the principality under his own control.
He is forced to acknowledge the overlordship of Vladimir Monomakh at Kyiv. In 1127 Mstislav Vladimirovich attacks Polotsk and forced David out.


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