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He was born about 1185-6 to Vsyevolod III Yur'yevich Bol'shoye Gnezdo, great prince of Vladimir and Vsyevolod's first wife, Maria Shvarnovna, Ossetian princess. He was prince of Novgorod in 1206-07, then appanage prince of Rostov about 1207, and then grand prince of Vladimir from 1216 to his death in 1218. He married the daughter, probably Agraf'yea, Mstislavna Romanovna Starii, daughter of Mstislav III, great prince of Kyiv. He is shown on this chart with his ancestors and on this familychart. Their sons were Vsyevolod, appanage prince of Yaroslavl; Vasil'ko, appanage prince of Rostov; and Vladimir, appanage prince of Uglich. After his father died, Konstantin struggled with his brothers over the throne of Vladimir. Vladimir's line held Uglich for two generations. Vsyevolod's line held Yaroslavl for several generations only before passing in an unusual way through the female line. But Vasil'ko's family held both Rostov and Beloozero until the end of the independent princedoms.


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